Ceramic tile will be moldy?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-06
Ceramic tile will be moldy? So how ceramic tile mouldproof? Clean with who still have a kind of convenient and the method of environmental protection, is to use white vinegar and lemon peel. To clean surface dirt scrub clean, then dip in with soft cloth on a little white vinegar is wiped clean the surface or wipe with lemon peel, just a moment, sanitary ware can if brightness is new, will send out a faint scent. Tips 2: ceramic tile anti-seepage mouldproof measures the walls of the multi-purpose ceramic tile is paved between wei yu, to maintain its clean and bright, can use muti_function decontamination creams clean. As for the ceramic tile aperture, can dip in with tooth brush first a few decontamination creams after descaling, with hair brush a waterproof agent in aperture place again can. Can prevent ooze not only so, still can prevent mould to grow. Tips 3: leading perfect unmounted faucet ( Flower is aspersed) Often stick to a variety of bath dew, shampoo, detergent, etc. , these catharsis things will make bibcock of chrome plated surface without burnish. You can take a neutral detergent spray on the soft continous cloth and wipe gently tap, once a week. Do not use acid or the cleaner that has abrade effect, steel wire brush to 'torture' tap. Tips 4: coincidence method will wipe clean the mirror glass and Windows because long-term close contact with the water on watermarking, become blurred. Can use spray glass cleaner on the whole piece of glass blew a big X and then fold twist dry dishcloth, wipe down a direction, wait until the glass works seven minutes, reoccupy does cloth to wipe it again. Still can use old newspapers, paper printing ink can make glass shining first, also can wipe away the stubborn dirt. Tips 5: to make toilet whitening mask first put the right amount of water in the toilet, and wash toilet brush again, add about 5 ~ 10 ml of the acid cleaner or salt, evenly coated with the brush scrub, such as dirt, can undertake after soaking scrub, pour a little cleaner to clean and then clean with water. Ti six: make indoor 'oxygen bar' now popular 'anion' air, you can keep some and shade plants, also can buy a oxygen tile, a picture of a similar to the mural oxygen tile and plants can play the role of the fresh air, and don't have to do, also can decorate the room that defend bath, make the room that defend bath 'oxygen bar', you might as well try. Tips 7: create a quietly elegant fragrance air freshener many varieties on the market, you can choose according to his be fond of. Ceramic tile, is a refractory metal oxides and metal oxide, through grinding, mixing, pressing, glazing, the sintering process, and is one kind of acid and alkali resistant porcelain or stone construction or decoration materials, such as total called ceramic tile. Its raw materials by the mixture of clay, quartz sand and so on.
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