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Ceramic wall and floor tiles Touch QI612P6573 SILVER
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Overland, with 18 years of international product development experience, has always insisted on the fine research and development of each product to ensure the originality and uniqueness of the product. As a symbolic product of Owenley brand, "Owenley Gray" establishes a set of scientific and technological parameter system for the control and control of ceramic tile gray, and analyses the deep and shallow warmth of color gray tone in design and production by means of data quantification. "Irvine Gray" has 33 degrees of light gray, 55 degrees of medium gray, 75 degrees deep.







【 Product number 】QI612P6573 

【 Texture 】Shakespeare's limestone (32 sides)


【 Grayscale 】23+

【 Style 】Original stone style

【 Light sensitivity 】90 degree high gloss

【 Product size 】600×600

【 Skid resistance 】R9
【 Touch 】Mirror surface



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It can match with any color. It can bring an excellent sense of harmony visually, make the heart more peaceful, peaceful, the overall gray tone, convey a harmonious and comfortable beauty of color matching.



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With the rise of modern simple household style in China, some ceramic enterprises with keen insight into the market have imitated foreign brands and introduced grey ceramic tiles, but they are all like gods.


Product parameters
Polished bricks with water absorption less than 0.5% are also vitrified bricks (only polished bricks are not vitrified bricks if they are higher than 0.5%).
It is very difficult for home geothermal temperature to be higher than 100 degrees.



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