Channel of ceramic tile ceramic tile rendering pattern

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-10
On the modelling of the decorative pattern of channel ceramic tile ceramic tile of rendering a lot of time to consider many aspects of balance, everyone is below small make up for the clean about channel of the modelling of the decorative pattern of ceramic tile ceramic tile rendering experience, hope everybody can from these channels ceramic tile ceramic tile of rendering the modelling of the decorative pattern of the summary of some inspiration. The stairs in ceramic tile? 1, polishing tile, polishing tile property is hard wear-resisting, suit to outside the bathroom, kitchen and indoor environment is used in most of the interior space. On the basis of the USES ooze to spend a technology, polishing brick is ok make result of wood of all sorts of copy stone, copy. 2, bo changes a brick, in order to solve the problem of polishing brick appear easy dirty, appeared on the market a variety called bo changes a brick. Bo changes a brick is complete ceramic tile actually. Its surface is bright and clean but do not need polish again, so nonexistent polish hole problem. Bo changes a brick is a kind of strengthening polishing brick, it USES high temperature fire and become. Quality of a material is more hard than polishing brick more wear-resisting. What are the ceramic tile material there is no doubt that its price is also higher. And according to different decorative pattern, color and so on, the price is also different. 3, Mosaic, Mosaic is the brick of means of a kind of special existence, it is general by tens of piece small brick comprises an opposite big brick. It with small and exquisite, glow be widely used in indoor metope and small area the size outdoor metope and ground. Stair step tile shop sticks? To clear, paste the sequence of normal stair step is to facilitate the construction (by down on Woodiness floor construction methods ignore, only in ceramic floor or stone steps, for example) , when being used in the stair to stickup ceramic tile and stone steps construction need to be done twice in two points, so as to ensure normal traffic! Steps are as follows: cleaning, in addition to the disabled & rarr; Alignment positioning & rarr; Water and pulp ( Plain cement mortar) → Mortar paste state board ( Side panel) → Dry mortar leveling & rarr; Bedplate of plain cement mortar paste & rarr; The edge of the mortar compaction & rarr; Remove excess cement mortar used in the next table & rarr; Cleaning wipes to complete surface & rarr; Repeat the steps above continuous downward paste & rarr; 36 hours after giving water curing again & rarr; After using the caulking agent jointing and cleaning. Above is the small make up to you about the channel of the ceramic tile of rendering some content of the modelling of the decorative pattern of ceramic tile, hope everybody can have a good reading these materials, avoid the error in the process of decoration.
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