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by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-24
陆路- - - - - - - Choose small action ceramic tile ceramic tile product market of the brand, product design and color is much count dazzling, and the quality of the product makes people truly shake head to call cannot see through, Overland to action to you again. See the back of the ceramic tile: general ceramic tile on the back of the color can be yellow or black, a little bit is not allowed, in that case the hi on behalf of the ceramic tile with impurities, and the ceramic tile that has impurities is bad, prone to cracks and damage. It if the white color is not good, however, prove it other ingredients put too much, the raw material to put too much damage to the health of human body is very big. Then also depends on the particle size of the ceramic tile on the side is fine and homogeneous, because only the density loose particles will be fine, it is not uniform. If still don't understand you to Overland use ceramic tile to go by, we knew that how about the quality of the other. On ceramic tile: with hard objects to tap, voice if clear proof ceramic tile changes degree is high, quality is good, or try the Angle of the ceramic tile down, with your fingers to tap the middle and lower part of the ceramic tile, if knock out sound is depressing, ZhiZhuo word it shows that the density of ceramic tile is poor, dirty with durable resistance is poor, and vice versa. Testing the waters: if you can, you can pour some water on the back of the tile and see it water fast. If leave is not obvious and dispersed in water in a minute after the infiltration of slow, then this will be good quality ceramic tile. Certainly see ceramic tile glaze layer thickness, namely the whole surface of ceramic tile, glaze layer thickness is glaze the thickness transverse section. Because thick point if they are not afraid of using time is too long and cause cracking or water seepage, and glaze is more expensive, in the whole piece of ceramic tile glaze layer thicker, the quality is definitely better!
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