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Classification and difference of tiles

Classification and difference of tiles


Tiles are divided into grades. When there is time, customers directly ask about the price. I buy whose products are lower in price. Sometimes they are divided into grades without understanding the tiles. Many customers ask about the difference in quality and price between grades. We are here today. Let me talk about it, or choose a regular ceramic tile manufacturer. There are many traders and OEMs who pretend to be ceramic tile manufacturers. 

Generally, ceramic tile products are divided into three types: high-quality, first-class (genuine), and qualified. High-quality products are products without any defects, with guaranteed quality and after-sales service.

Some manufacturers of the first-class products are also called genuine products, and the first-class products are products with subtle defects, such as pinholes, black spots, scratches, exposed bottoms, dirt, edge cracks, uneven back, impurities, etc.picked out from the production line. There are many kinds of common defects. To prevent poor quality, ceramic tiles have color separation numbers. Because the color separation numbers of first-class products are relatively general, there may be slight colors. First-class products are produced by defective products. Generally there is no after-sales service. The first class of ordinary polished tiles is generally about 1 yuan per piece. The difference between the whole body marble is about 6 yuan, and the difference between the wall tiles is 5 mao. That is, the higher the product price, the greater the difference between the first-class products.

The qualified product is the worst product in the finished ceramic tile. The defect is obvious by visual inspection at 1 meter, and occasionally there is the phenomenon of bumps and corners, and there are color differences. The price is also the cheapest among the three grades. The difference between excellent and qualified products is large. Normal polishing Take bricks as an example, the worse each piece is about 3 yuan, the higher the difference of high-end products, so the qualified products in the ceramic tiles are not the qualified products in the usual products.

So in order to let you distinguish the grade of the tiles more clearly, I will teach you a few common identification methods. First of all, from the perspective of the outer packaging, the premium products are only marked as superior or superior on the side of the tile carton, without any other signs. Some factories of first-class products will mark the side of the carton with a high-class or five-pointed star, etc., the side color of the carton of the qualified product is generally different from that of the first-class one, for example, the side of the high-class product is black, and the side of the qualified product may be green, red, etc The difference is that the logo of each manufacturer is not the same. In short, the top-quality products are printed on the side, and the others are not regular high-quality products.

Can you tell by just looking at the carton? In fact, some ceramic tile factories do not necessarily produce a batch of ceramic tiles, and then find that the quality does not meet the standards of high-quality products during random inspections. What should be done? Generally, regular manufacturers will choose to downgrade, that is, high-quality products will be reduced to first-class products. The carton is still packaged with high-quality products. How to distinguish it? You can only open the carton and inspect the goods carefully based on experience. However, if there are no friends who are often exposed to ceramic tiles, it is not easy to tell whether there is a first-class product, because the first-class The flaw itself is not obvious. You can only tell when you shop, it's too late.

Many unscrupulous traders and intermediaries report prices that are lower or lower than the normal prices. There will be first-level products as superior products, and even qualified products as superior products. This will bring great troubles to consumers, especially engineering and procurement. The amount is relatively large, and once there is a loss, it is very huge, so you still have to buy from a regular ceramic tile manufacturer to reduce unnecessary losses.

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