Classification of ceramic tile?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-15
In different occasions, the types are different, choose the ceramic tile of reverse, in choosing a ceramic tile must be combined with the use of the actual situation. Everyone here to clean the classification of ceramic tile, and the scope of different ceramic tile. The classification of ceramic tile: 1. Bo changes a brick: the density of the brick is very big, from a practical sense, is the complete ceramic tile. Bo changes a brick can be seen as enhanced polishing brick, therefore also than polishing brick more wear-resisting. Bo changes a brick of a feature is its bibulous rate is low, it also become one of the means of the identification of bo changes a brick is good or bad, in general, bibulous rate is lower bo changes a brick, its quality is better. Bo changes a brick of stain resistance is very strong, this is what polished tile does not have. But bo changes a brick also has its disadvantages, because of its high density, so in the same volume of ceramic tile, bo changes a brick is very heavy, which in the process of transportation and installation has the certain difficulty. 2. Polishing brick: this is a carefully polished tile surface into a relatively light brick. It belongs to the category of body brick, but much more than the average body tile surface is bright and clean. This is it can independence from the body brick for a variety of reasons. Polishing brick surface bright, so the adornment effect is stronger, so it is widely used in the kitchen and toilet. Polishing brick surface is smooth, so not suitable for this contact in toilet water more places. Polishing brick is easy to dirty, this is a fatal weakness. When grinding polishing, polishing brick leave some porosity, the porosity especially easy to hide the dirt. 3. Archaize brick: archaize brick originated in Europe, in fact, archaize brick and don't have many unique places, mainly it slightly on the color and the style of antique, well-designed archaize brick is not an exception, of course. Archaize brick to do old means, so at the time of production need high technology and equipment, otherwise in do old steps will be easily damaged brick. Archaize brick main adornment effect comes from its shape and decorative pattern and color, etc. , build a retro atmosphere. 4. Glazed tile, glazed tile is the surface of a layer of enamel layer, is not by the high temperature burn becomes, so it is not nearly as polishing brick in wear-resisting and bo changes a brick. But its advantage is that of glazed tile decorative effect is very good, the surface can produce all kinds of decorative pattern and design. Glazed tile use range is very wide, it not only can be used for the ground is decorated, can also be used to decorate wall, it is an important characteristic of glazed tiles. 5. Connect body brick: this kind of brick is not on the surface of the enamel layer, so its prevent slippery effect very good, is widely applied in the bathroom, corridor and so on need to prevent slippery. Connect body brick not enamel layer on the surface, it is not so adornment effect, but it prefer to practical, plus color preference for plain, therefore also has been widely used in modern decoration. The kinds of ceramic tile has a lot of, in addition to choose quality, consumers still need to combine to the actual use of location and decoration style, otherwise prone to poor will prevent slippery effect of polishing brick installed in the bathroom this kind of situation, the appropriate grasp some ceramic tile classification and their respective applicable scope, is also necessary for consumers
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