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Cleaning and maintenance of ceramics tiles

Cleaning and maintenance of ceramics tiles


For many people, if you like tile elements, you need to be psychologically prepared. Don’t think that tiles are easier to clean than wooden materials. Tiles cover a large area and are frequently used daily, and they are old or broken. The tiles are not so easy to replace, so how to clean and maintain the ceramic tiles?

How to clean and maintain tiles

1. Surface cleaning work. The stains on the tiles should be removed in time. According to the nature of the stain, choose a suitable cleaning agent to remove it.

2. Gap treatment. The crevices of tiles are places where dirt and bacteria accumulate, so special attention should be paid to cleaning and maintenance. The cracks that are often easily contaminated with stains can be smeared on the joints of the tiles with candles to prevent excessive stains from adhering in advance.

3. Wear repair. The surface of ceramic tiles is often uneven due to friction, accumulation and other problems. Regular waxing of ceramic floor tiles can play a long-term protective effect, which can effectively restore the surface gloss of the tiles and extend the service life of the tiles.

4. When cleaning the tiles, the most important thing is not to damage the glaze. When cleaning, do not use sharp objects such as steel wool for destructive cleaning. At the same time, be sure to wipe dry immediately after cleaning to avoid leaving water stains.

5. After paving the porcelain kitchen tiles, paste anti-oil stickers on the ceramic tiles that may be heavily stained with oil around the cooker, range hood, etc., use a beautifying agent on the gaps of the tiles, and apply them to the joints of the tiles, which is beautiful Also resistant to oil stains.

6. Stubborn stains can be treated with special cleaning agents. For example, the tiles behind the water pipes that are prone to rust can be treated with anti-rust agents, professional rust removers, or partial polishing, coating, grease, anti-rust oil, etc. Prevent rust and remove rust.

What are the maintenance methods for tiles

Ceramic tiles are one of the building materials with the largest use area in the home. Although the service life of ceramic tiles has a great relationship with the quality of ceramic tiles, it is undeniable that maintenance is also very important. Maintaining ceramic tiles is like maintaining the "skin" of the home. People like delicate and clean skin. In this age of looking at faces, how can we keep tiles as bright and clean as new? What are the maintenance methods for tiles?

How to maintain tiles

1. Polished tiles are stained and waxed

Although polished tiles are not easy to accumulate dust, they are easier to clean. However, if used for a long time, the fine pores on the surface of the polished tiles will be exposed, which will also absorb dirt, making the polished tiles difficult to clean, and the surface will lose luster and become old. Therefore, we should wax it regularly, and the time interval is 2-3 months.

2. Antique tiles are cleaned along the texture

Antique bricks have uneven textures on the surface to pursue the realistic effect of logs. You can follow the textures when cleaning. If tea or other daily necessities are attached to the surface of the tiles, use household detergent and water to clean the tiles along the texture to make the tiles more shiny.

3. Cleaning the joints of glazed tiles

The cleaning of glazed tiles is relatively simple, but the joints of the tiles can easily contain dirt. First use a toothbrush dipped in a little decontamination cream to remove the dirt, and then use a brush to brush a water-repellent agent in the gap. This will not only prevent water seepage, but also prevent mold growth.

4. Decontamination paste for stubborn stains on tiles

In addition to the daily sweeping and mopping of floor tiles, we can use multi-functional decontamination paste for stubborn stains on tile gaps and corners to perform regular cleaning and maintenance to keep the tiles clean and bright.

5. Use toothpaste at the joints of tiles

The main raw materials for the joints of the tiles are putty and white cement. It is difficult to wipe off the greasy dirt after sticking to it. The toothpaste with strong cleaning effect can also clean the stains. For kitchen tile joints, after cleaning, candles can be dropped to prevent oil stains.

6. Apply waterproofing agent to tile scratches

For tile scratches, toothpaste helps a lot again. Small scratches were accidentally left on the smooth and flawless tiles, which made everyone very distressed. At this time, we can apply toothpaste on the scratches and wipe them with a rag to repair. In the gap between the brick and the brick, you can use a decontamination cream to remove the dirt from time to time, and then brush a layer of waterproofing agent on the gap to prevent mold growth.

7. Shovel out debris when refurbishing tiles

The old tiles need to be refurbished. It is important to shovel all the tiles and replace them with new tiles. The color number of the new tiles must be the same as the original ones, otherwise there will be color difference, so it is recommended to leave a small amount of tiles during the decoration and tiling for future repairs. If you don’t keep it, it’s best to take the broken tiles to the store to replenish.

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