Common polished tile stick method

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-14
1, generally we try before the shop is stuck on the ground first, in the after use and that is the same as uniform number nearly code, just can use adjacent color number and size, and color number and size of different glass good category, number will be marked in the bottom of a tile. If you have any pattern or directional pattern, brick surface according to the product of graphic method the shop is stuck, in order to better decorative effect. 2, before the shop is stuck, and one more important things to do, that is first in some water surface spray drying, and then mix mud and sand to 1:3 proportion into mortar, to about a meter long wooden ruler, the mortar wiped out, the moulding line. Then sprinkle with cement powder on the surface of the work site, the cement powder, stir evenly, sprinkle a small amount of cement powder again, in order to increase water and cement slurry viscosity. 3, the shop is stuck when polishing brick, should according to actual situation need to reserve 1 - Floor tile of wall of 2 mm mortar joint, in case of dung and expansive coefficient is inconsistent and appear from the phenomenon. shall be carried out after the base setting real, put in the shop is stuck products gently push, the balance of brick bottom and cover, easy to get rid of air bubbles, and then use hammer tapping the tile, brick bottom can fully eat pulp, lest produce empty drum phenomenon. The brick surface with wooden hammer knock again to level off; At the same time, in order to level measurement, to ensure that the ceramic tile shop sticks. 4, the product after the shop is stuck for an hour we can use wooden hammer knock brick surface, check whether the floor tile is appear empty drum phenomenon, if the tap after hearing 'empty' sound of floor tile, the brick must try to back to the shop is stuck, all brick pastes after 24 hours rear can walk on it.
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