Contemporary and contracted decorate a style to floor tile not only black and white ash of the three

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-18
From modern modernistic style to minimalism has now become a stream of 'love', we also can clearly see the family is decorated in the future trend of the development of more minimalist direction will go. Inevitable trend, the ceramic industry both at home and abroad has long been a main products of light color, all is the big size, archaize before class, waterproof series products, the color is mostly in the majority with light color, like light color or black and white ash is equivalent to contemporary and contracted style? How to understand contemporary and contracted style? Contracted, in plain English is fewer but better, by numerous reduction, extracts. In the form of concise and clear to everyone on the space environment of the perceptual and the rational demand, this also is now the rise of global social development design style - — Minimalism. They are a kind of attitude to life, but it is a kind of high cold stance. Under the contemporary aesthetic demand rising, Jane but good house decorate be able to present mainstream products. In recent years, black and white ash of contemporary and contracted wind is deep you like them, light color of product is more popular, many well-known brands of the exhibition hall is will choose black and white ash cool color to move as a interior space is the mass-tone attune of the match. But back to the real life, everybody is very little use of the house of black and white ash cool color to move as mass-tone attune, after all is the need to rich and colorful daily life, we always tried to make the home more daily life taste and fun. In addition to the black and white ash cool color to move, still can choose a part of the light, bright colors to decorate. This suggests that people pursuit of tonal reach better, monotonicity of black and white ash is difficult to achieve to everybody's needs, on the contrary, multi-type tonal products will have more advantages in the sales market.
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