Contracted and not simple, contracted style ceramic tile of choose and buy is not so simple

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-09
The modern home decoration more and more popular contracted style. Admittedly, modern minimalist fashion, concise air, gained a lot after 88090 young home owner's favour. However, contracted style of home decoration, contracted but not simple, such as the collocation of ceramic tile and the choose and buy is not simple. Although on the surface, like as long as it is light, pure color, texture pattern is simple ceramic tile, is fit for contracted decorate a style; However, to really have & other; Contracted and not simple & throughout; The actual effect of decorating the shop is stuck, is not easy. So, want to make contracted style in the home, how to choose ceramic tile, tie-in what pay attention to the point? Contracted decorate a style to major features of contracted decorate a style to the biggest characteristic is concise and fashion, functional. In terms of overall space design, from hard to soft outfit require modelling concise, tonal and lively, fine craftsmanship. In specific decorative materials applications, advocate simple and clear, eliminate redundant adornment element complexity. And when in and application of ceramic tile of choose and buy, need to consider the overall decoration effect. Contracted style ceramic tile requirements of design and color is contracted decorate a style to integral colour is given priority to with black and white ash, present a shallow light simple but elegant, bright and clean pure space. As a result, the collocation of ceramic tile, recommended to choose light colors such as gray, white, beige, plain coloured ceramic tile, can keep harmony with integral space is tonal. It is worth noting that the contracted style is tonal simple but is not a single, use ceramic tile, although with simplicity of design and color is given priority to, but not texture pattern are the same. Contracted style ceramic tile kind meet contracted decorate a style to the ceramic tile of the category and many, such as the grey system modern archaize brick, light color fastens wood grain brick, rice polishing brick, and imitate the effect of cement ground cement block and imitation of natural marble marble tile, as long as used properly, can be a good choice. Contracted style ceramic tile application considering the different space in family life is carrying different functions, contracted decorate a style on the application of ceramic tile design and color is need to sacrifice, and also differ in terms of the specification size of ceramic tile. Often sitting room with the ceramic tile of more than 800 ㎜ specification, recommend more atmospheric marble tile; The bedroom is given priority to with warm ceramic tile, recommend the pure and fresh and elegant wood grain brick. When choosing the ceramic tile of contracted style, but also pay attention to both the actual performance of the ceramic tile, wall tile should be easy to clean sanitation, ceramic tile ground need to prevent slippery wear-resisting resistance to delimit blow; In addition, hutch defends a space and the balcony, the ceramic tile to have different functional requirements. Beautiful and practical, give attention to two or morethings to make daily family use more easy.
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