Contracted style living room how ceramic tile of choose and buy

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-21
Decorate material, ceramic tile on the market of the consumption is very big, because consumers even in the sitting room and bedroom shop floor, the two wet in the room that defend bath and kitchen space, will be ceramic tile on the shop. So how are contracted style living room ceramic tile of choose and buy? 1. Style is determined, considering individuality demand when floor tile of choose and buy the first thing to consider their own integral style, to determine the good ceramic tile color tone, roughly in order to coordinate and the integral style of the bedroom, note also consider some of their own individual needs, floor tile is now the main is divided into two categories: bo changes a tile and glazed tiles, now commonly known as the archaize brick are usually referred to as are glazed tile! 2. How to determine the specifications of the floor tile in consideration of the specifications of the floor tile should pay attention to the following two aspects: one is the size of the sitting room, not to blindly pursue the large size of floor tile, in general, under 40 flat I personally recommend the use of 600 * 600 specifications, more than 40 flat, I recommend the use of 800 * 800 specifications of the products, when the choice must also consider the future generations can see after the house is decorated on the furniture of the actual area, if the person's visual area is small, and the specifications of the brick is too big is not harmonious, 2 it is to have to pay attention to, the same series of ceramic tile, the specification, the greater the price will be higher, my idea is that decorate can save place must save! 3. How to choose floor tile products: products are mainly the horizon of floor tile, spelling a flower, the line that play a Angle, etc. Horizon: in order to make the sitting room is main the ground more spare change, seems particularly concise line, mainly is to use some ceramic tile and floor tile subject have some color coded and general use brunet ceramic tile processing is given priority to, the horizon of some archaize tile also have some supporting to choose from. Mainly used in the ground around or corridor hanging off, etc. Contracted style living room how ceramic tile of choose and buy is introduced here, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on the brunei.
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