Corridor tile effect of vitrified tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-12
In decorating, we asked a lot of the time will be corridor rendering of vitrified tile ceramic tile is good, what about the corridor tile effect of vitrified tile what is good or not? When we choose to decorate a company to how to choose decorate, here to talk to you about aisle when rendering of vitrified tile ceramic tile, decorate a company to issue. A, the advantages and disadvantages of vitrified tile vitrified tile advantages: 1, without off color tile with gorgeous color, we usually see the vitrified tile have clear off color. Vitrified tile can give a person a sense of atmosphere, make our room style is improved. 2, corrosion resistance to dirty it through high temperature sintering. And in the process of firing need complete porcelain im into mullite crystals, such as through such a change could make the vitrified tile outstanding physical and chemical properties, excellent corrosion and fouling resistance. 3, good hardness although vitrified tile relatively thin, but resistance to high hardness, high flexural strength. And don't reduce the vitrified tile skid resistance. At the same time reduce the load of the building, reduce the difficulty in the course of the construction is convenient for transportation. 4, good environmental protection vitrified tile environmental performance is higher than granite. Because of granite without high temperature sintering, contain traces of radioactive elements, long-term exposure will harmful to health. Vitrified tile shortcomings: 1, vitrified tile after polishing, MAO pores exposed, oil, dirt and other easy to penetrate. 2, do not make anti-fouling processing vitrified tile in use to wax. 3, the surface easy to dirty. Vitrified tile after polishing pores was exposed to air, dust, oil etc. Easy to penetrate. This is an industry recognized problem, on the surface of vitrified tile good anti-fouling processing, plug the pores are quite useful measures. Above is the small make up for everyone to sort out some information about the corridor effect of vitrified tile ceramic tile, hope these data can help to you, also hope you can read the above information, avoid the mistakes when decorate.
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