Decorate a small collocation

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-27
Overland to you little collocation: decorate the several common design style, decorate collocation gives the furniture of different style for you. 1, French romantic French style design style, exquisite exquisite, delicate sex is often manifested in details. The curve of gentle and lovely light, heavy and complicated, delicate carve patterns or designs on woodwork, glittering are important elements. On the integral space colour collocation, choose the color of the low key. Can build an atmosphere of elegant and romantic space; Can properly show various delicate and decorative decoration. French style also pays attention to a feeling of returning to the nature, give a person a kind of form for the rich rustic. Ceramic tile can use bo changes a tile or polishing brick, ceramic tile colour simple no eye-catching colour gives priority to color, so that keep the body simplicity of the space, also create the elegant noble atmosphere. 2, the modern fashion design style is concise and lively, practical and easy. Because 'minimalism' philosophy of life is generally exist in today's popular culture. Contemporary and contracted style, pay attention to function first, form follows function. Simple decoration, required to create the new design on closer to people's life. Floor tile choice may consider monochrome, straight grain of small decorative pattern concise tidy or fashionable avant-courier of obvious effect of the artificial design design and color is ok. Contemporary and contracted household space, material or material selection of metope should embody the beauty of simplicity. Marble tile products, wood grain, pearl white, Laurent black rainbow can show the modern style is contracted and not simple. Of course, natural texture, colorful marble tiles can also through the different collocation, to create different styles of space, effect is Kevin! 3, Jane Jane European style will be the romantic feelings meditate on the combined with the needs of life, compatible and showily elegance and modern fashion. Jane European style luxury atmosphere not only, and comfortable and romantic. Through the perfect curve with the details of the best, become more harmonious. Luxurious atmosphere of marble tiles is also very suitable for Europe type style is tie-in, texture pattern because it is very suitable for the good choice of the Europe type style. 4, American pastoral wind American rural style is concise, freedom, and a simple nature, return uncut jade to put in true feeling, manifests the nature's vicissitudes and the ancient sense. Also comparison pay attention to the whole space colour, quietly elegant, comfortable. Let a space to return to nature, combined with modern building style elements, atmosphere, fashion, with natural pure. Floor tile of toilet USES archaize with small size, pay attention to the use of local small ornament color. Let whole space pastoral flavor. Small bedroom chooses floral wallpaper, hang a picture. 5, the design of the style of black and white with black and white or exaggerated or taking a minimalist line, black and white to draw on each other, the pursuit of no regular spatial structures, bold use of contrasting colour, design, reasonable decorate kitchen will allow you to become more relaxed and pleasant. White and black style with classic black and white is given priority to, the ceramic tile of grain of the decorative pattern of freehand brushwork and geometric diffusion bedroom curt expression. It is worth noting that decorate a room, the use of black must grasp a scale, too dark, can make the person produces depressive feeling. Match the cushion for leaning on of a few orange or a small area of the red adornment, can make indoor the atmosphere of the cold and serious eased. 6, the new Chinese style style of modern Chinese style make classical elements more concise, atmospheric, fashion, etc. To make the modern home decoration with Chinese culture lasting appeal, embodies the Chinese traditional house culture unique charm. Good ceramic tile on collocation dark archaize tile to give priority to. Setting wall is recommended choose color is archaize tile with concave and convex surface texture is better. Toilet can use warm color series of archaize brick.
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