Decorate ceramic tile color how to match

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-16
After buying a house, many owners will face decoration. Decorated with different style, decorate material have different quality, these are the process that decorate, ceramic tile is the important material in decorating a process, the use of a wide range, so should be slightly ceramic tile related knowledge. So how do decorate ceramic tile color collocation? 1. Living room ceramic tile is the first thing you encounter after we entered, it less affected by temperature, pollution of environment, it is a good environment, to the material of functional requirements of ceramic tile itself is not very high. Can choose according to the light of the sitting room, individual be fond of the specific design and color. Can choose chunks of ochre or terracotta bo changes a tile shop is sitting room and dining-room, can let a person experience the pleasure of rural style and comfortable; Also can choose stone or dark blue gray tiles of the sitting room, this room looks more modern and nature. You can also choose a light cream and yellow brown adjustable design ground looks elegant and noble. 2. According to the size of the kitchen to choose kitchen kitchen ceramic tile ceramic tile color, when the kitchen is small, light color ceramic tile is more conducive to expand the field of vision, and the color can make a person under the condition of high temperature to feel the breath of spring and cool. The choice of kitchen ceramic tile style should give priority to with the concise and clean, and need to pay attention to in harmony with the style and color of stage of arrange of ambry,, design should be simple and easy, make the person feels clean and clear. Can use simple pure white, the kitchen is simple and easy. 3. Bathroom toilet of skid resistance is very important, bright and clean bathroom, can loosen the person's mood, therefore the overall color of the bathroom should be bright and pure and fresh. Can choose color or color series. If the pursuit of classical life, also can be black and white color, black and white bathroom design, bring you not only is the quiet atmosphere, is more of a sublimation of the spirit and elegant breath. Decorate ceramic tile color how to match
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