Decorate ceramic tile process is what

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-16
Ceramic tile shop sticks to our house whole decorate effect is plays a decisive role, in a house, many places can use ceramic tile, such as the kitchen floor balcony place such as toilet, it's like we research of ceramic tile stick to consider how to better and more perfect, the following is to introduce for everybody decorate ceramic tile of the specific process and skill, let everybody know something in this respect. Ceramic tile of step 1 we decorate the ceramic tile of the first step is to find out to decorate level, our house is a lot of ground and metope is incomplete, so we are looking for good level to better preserve ceramic tile engineering is completed. We can draw horizontal spread around the perimeter of the floor, the line as reference line, all ceramic tile shop is stuck with the line as a benchmark. This will ensure our ceramic tile stick straight, without aperture. Decorate ceramic tile of the second step after find out the horizontal line, the next step we need to do is mix materials preparation, the materials include some mixture ( Contains sand cement materials such as water) , ceramic tile is essential for the material, we have to under the ceramic tile covered with a layer of the mixture to ensure the stability of ceramic tile, when buying these materials, we also should pay attention to choose some high quality and high cost performance. Decorate the third step last content of ceramic tile is ceramic tile construction, we make preparations for these when, after we can tile than the horizontal line, the mixture and ceramic tile good collocation, flap after construction ceramic tile, ceramic tile and the mixture combined with fully, to ensure that the ceramic tile of strong. Decorate the cautions of ceramic tile ceramic tile should pay attention to some points, such as to fill gaps, the whole piece of ceramic tile shop sticks and so on. When we decorate ceramic tile to ensure the ceramic tile in the same horizontal line, ensure the uniformity of ceramic tile, there will be no distortion, up and down is wrong. Ceramic tile, and we should pay attention to make sure the whole piece of ceramic tile, ground not a half block or block. With ceramic tile ceramic tile tile the protection work of the first, we must guarantee the quality of decoration materials and ceramic tile. Try to choose some of the high quality material, can use & other; Shop around & throughout; Principle, choose some relatively high ratio of material in the market, in decorating, we need to ensure that these tiles do not cut and is not affected by the impact. In ensuring that his post after a period of time contact, in order to avoid these tiles position change. That is to introduce the decorate ceramic tile process what is specific content, if you have need, you can according to the above ceramic tile technique and process is introduced to the specific implementation. Anyway, we all want to guarantee the overall effect of ceramic tile smooth and beautiful, won't appear so big problems, can foil a our home decoration effect.
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