Decorate ceramic tile rendering of choice and confused

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-17
Decorate ceramic tile rendering choose creating a problem is always a great concern for many owners, recently, small make up also know some about decorate rendering choice and confused the content of the ceramic tile, this time is confused by the decoration of ceramic tile rendering choose example about an outfit for you talk about ceramic tile to choose some of the details, hope you can understand well. Domestic outfit choose ceramic tile? A, when buying ceramic tile, domestic outfit on the material to differ, choose floor tile to distinguish space. 1, we know that the floor tile is divided into two kinds of polished tile, glazed brick, polishing brick, also called bo changes a brick, its characteristic is good abrasion resistance, no flooding, etc. , because it's smooth and beautiful, so in the sitting room and dining-room use up is better, and is relatively easy to wipe. 2, glazed tile and lens face tile, its characteristics of good skid resistance, the more the water prevent slippery effect is better, but it's important to note that glazed tile sensitive to dust, which prevent slippery effect is abate, kitchen and toilet because easy to damp, use glazed tile. Second, the ceramic tile hardness is the main parameter, will directly affect the service life of the ceramic tile, understand the essential parameters. 1, a simple method is a method that can use percussion sound of ringing that inner quality is good, is out of shape not easily broken; Color, size is according to the intuitive judgment, broadly in line with a check on a batch of the color of ceramic tile, can better split together, color difference is small, neat size is top grade. 2, of course, the technical performance of identify not just by feeling, also must see the certification certificate of manufacturer, generally speaking, technology standard of the products have the certificate issued by the state. There is another important parameter is the wear-resisting degree, from low to high is divided into five degrees, five degrees belong to super durable, generally not used for home decoration, decoration bricks at once to choose between four degrees. 3, bibulous rate is also decides the use of ceramic tile, bibulous the ceramic tile with low density, tile hole poor, should not be used in active place, lest absorbing water after fouling cleaning; Bibulous the ceramic tile with low rate, high density, high moisture resistance ability. What kind home decoration ceramic tile are included? About ceramic tile according to the function is divided into floor tile, wall brick and lumbar line brick, etc. 1, the floor tile: according to the design and color is divided into imitation Spain brick, bo changes a brick, glazed pottery, prevent slippery brick and ooze to spend polishing brick, etc. 2, wall brick, according to the design and color can be divided into bo changes a brick, printed wall brick. : 3, lumbar line brick is printing tile more. In order to the specifications of the wall brick, lumbar line brick is generally classified as 60 mm & times; 200 mm wide. Above is small make up for everyone to sort out some experience about the decoration of ceramic tile rendering choose, hope these will help the owner's friends.
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