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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-16
We stayed at home to decorate, advocate material is generally choose of the ground floor and ceramic tile. For the floor and ceramic tile, now on the market a lot of more phyletic, design also many, but how to choose ceramic tile, can we make our best ground choice? Must pay attention to safety on the ground, the ground safe, walking our family to be safe. If anything happens to the ground, it will ruin our whole home installs, hurriedly and see it! A, 1, check the label which is about how to choose the ceramic tile when consumer is choosing ceramic tile must first understand the situation, the product packing on the producer name and address, product name, after-sales service telephone, specification, quantity, logo, date of production and performed by the standard, for porcelain tiles, CCC authentication marks shall be checked, the ceramic tile of interior design decoration, appropriate choice of radioactive nuclides to meet the requirements of class A product. 2, joining together the ceramic tile with good effect size deviation is small, will be a batch of products on a vertical surface, see if there are any uneven phenomenon. Then look at degree level, two pieces of brick can be close to the edge of together, see if there are any gaps. Good product deformation small, beautiful brick after the shop is stuck with smooth surface. See the color difference of product, take a few bricks spell together, take a closer look at in adequate light, two-tone color between products, after the shop is stuck in poor overall effect. 3, contrast variety types of floor tile is also divided into different, usually divided according to glaze condition, divided into glaze tile and glazed tile. We usually on the ground of toilet and kitchen decorating a process, choose to have glaze floor tile, wall brick and supporting the use. Floor tile and mostly through surface polishing processing, become a polished tile. 1%, also known as bo changes a brick. Polishing brick surface bright and clean as a mirror, is a high-grade ceramic products. 4, tap on a listening tapping the ceramic tile, hear its voice, better product quality sound ringing pleasing to the ear. The poor quality of the product due to the improper raw materials formula, firing cycle is short, low sintering temperature, knock off when & other; Empty & throughout; Voices. 5, weigh weight weighed a phase modulation of ceramic tile, in general, the same specifications of the ceramic tile, weight big bibulous rate is low, the intrinsic quality is better also. 6, scrutinize a generally good quality ceramic tile glaze appearance should be smooth, delicate, luster glaze crystal shine, matt glaze is soft and comfortable. Under the enough natural light or fluorescent lamp irradiation, put tile on 1 meter vertical observation, the distance should not see clear glaze defects. A decorative pattern, pattern of design and color of tile should be exquisite, lifelike, no obvious lack of color, break the blemish, dislocation, etc. The background on the reverse of the good quality of product of pottery and porcelain, trademarks, such as clear, complete, few glaze mark or defect. 2, 1, matters needing attention in front of the tile inspection: main view the workers have to metope processing in place, such as tile, wall surface to have clean enough, have you done to cope with this hair. 2, check after the tile: basically be to see ceramic tile shop is stuck is neat, and is to check for an empty drum. Otherwise if left free drum, the ceramic tile of metope is easy to crack or fall off, also easy to brand, broken when punching. 3, pay attention to don't look very flat because the ground leveling, it ignores the importance of ground leveling. The ground of qualified, 2 square meters within the error should be less than or equal to 3 mm. If more than 3 mm, will affect laid floor. Above is the small make up to share the selection of ceramic tile, teacher told us that decorate choose ceramic tile is some skills and methods. In accordance with the above standard small make up the steps to share, choose ceramic tile can select a good ceramic tile. Ok, want to share here today, hope you like them!
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