Decorate the balcony area is small, the ceramic tile of choose and buy category must be cautious

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-06
As the balcony at home of the space occupied area is small, the family is decorated, it's easy to let the owners ignore when buying ceramic tile, or contempt. In fact, the functions of the balcony to be reckoned with. Especially in today's sky-high a second-tier cities, each square space need better protection and utilization. And compared with the other families, the balcony function area, also has its own unique characteristics of space environment, error if the ceramic tile of choose and buy, light can cause everyday use and clean with troubles, or even need & other; And recycled building & throughout; , to choose and buy, and the shop is stuck. And these are really can avoid in the start when buying ceramic tile. So, the ceramic tile of the balcony have any requirements, how to choose and buy to & other Safe & throughout; ? First of all, we have to from what category is more suitable for ceramic tile shop is on the balcony to understand. Archaize brick is supposed to be a lot of owners will use ceramic tile products recommended in the balcony. Archaize brick brightness is low, give priority to with inferior smooth, give a person the visual effect is very comfortable and soft, and both traditional brunet department and modern light color fastens, can bring different sense; Whether it be with nostalgia of American rural style restoring ancient ways, or the modern style of fashion, can easily control. For most like flowers on the balcony, arrangement of green plant owner, recommended to choose wood grain brick. Because contrast wood floor, wood grain brick can both have a similar effect of wood texture, waterproof and moistureproof, corrosion resistance, insect-resistant eat by moth, and longer service life. After all, most of the balcony is not enclosed Spaces, all the year round in the storm or, more need to consider the practicality of ceramic tile. Part is the pursuit of quality of life of the owners, want to decorate the balcony more sweet and comfortable, or outstanding individual character style, the collocation of product design requirements for ceramic tile is higher, can choose to use design and color is rich, the colour of bright and beautiful tiles. Balcony itself, the space is lesser, the application of high color saturation tiling, bring colorful and distinctive adornment effect. In addition, spelling a flower and cement block is also popular among a niche in the high-end owner. Through the spelling a flower design, ceramic tile series into continuous design and decorative pattern, form the adornment effect extremely personality. And cement block as the wind is the darling of the modern industry, has also been a part of the business elite and young owner's preference. To summarize, archaize brick, wood grain brick, tile, and concrete block, spelling a flower is more suitable for the brick tile category as the balcony. Choose and buy when, want to both beautiful and practical, to household life when using more worry, try to avoid choosing not to corrosion, non-slip, moisture-proof, not resistant to dirty and difficult to clean ceramic tile.
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