Decorate with effect of the ceramic tile of brunet department? Jinke brunet department ceramic tile effect of appreciation

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-08
Brunet department although ceramic tile brightness as light color ceramic tile, but that restore ancient ways and the elegant taste is really fascinating. We can often see is given priority to with light color key home, light color, often means that joker, senior, regression. Grey senior and elegant white, cream-colored and tender, these 3 kinds of color, long list of popular household, modern household are almost all these color style. A lot of people when decorating, can choose light color fastens, light color is pure and indeed joker, could never have go wrong. However, & other; Light color light, dark show temperament & throughout; , want to pretend to high quality home, dark must be a good choice. Most of the dark have some misunderstanding, if you insist to go dark when decorating, will hear others say & other; Pretended to be so also suppresses & throughout; &ldquo仍然; Too boring & throughout; &ldquo仍然; The ground of the cement block you home with us what is the difference between concrete & throughout; 。 。 。 。 。 。 Such as this, if you want to use a large area of black as a background to decorate the house, you must think your crazy. The dark, not said here than soy sauce pork liver color is red red, but this kind of cool, dark dark gray, black. This kind of dark composed and calm, have their own attitude, it in expression, I don't bother you, you also don't bother my attitude! It is always a big kill fashion, often in various forms in household adorned among them. Also is to live in color, please don't ignore jinke brunet department of ceramic tile! Want a more quality to neighbors envious feeling of home, is bold in dark, the effect is also resistant to dirty! Storm FD612LC022 modern marble tile & 600 times; Approximately 1200 mm dark grey black seems to have the magic of can let a person calm down quickly, such partial concise type design for the simple sense of material on collocation, proportion and processing has a higher request. Dark the widespread use of ceramic tile, light color furniture collocation, black and white color, no problem of extremely in the wind. Cloud DORA FD715LB221 modern grey marble tile & 750 times; 1500 mm dark gray is also belongs to deep and remote light dark, born with a cool feeling, this kind of colour are most suitable for bright color ornament, in addition to the bright eye of bright yellow, dark gray and rose gold also is a high level of CP in appearance, simple and eyes. Norwegian forest FC612TC323 modern cement block 600 & times; 1200 mm previously known abandon & other; Concrete & throughout; In recent years leap into & other; Small web celebrity & throughout; Ash, cement original simple, special texture looks be like simple, but more life breath. Tie-in woodiness furniture, black and white color, no problem of minimalist wind. With black, wrought iron elements and plain concrete, effortless can hold modern light wind. Manhattan FD2412LC902 super big plate & 1200 times; 2400 mm in Manhattan with American individuality and fashion, but also has a modern light wind elegant and pure and fresh, gold copper joined to make the space more & other; Light and decoration & throughout; Feel they're not warm, but solemn and serious, persistence, mysterious, and reasonable collocation, brunet department jinke ceramics product can make the whole space sends out a unique charm, enter it, you also can't help playing call for it! Note: if the space is enough big family and daylighting is good, or more recommended brunet department, home area is lesser, or more if you don't try to dark.
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