Decorates a style each different, choose has exquisite ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-08
The life that occupy the home, we all know that lining is more important than face. If you can, however, was to lining and proud, so why not. A family to decorate, it is for the sake of themselves and their families can live more comfortable. Light has practicality, however, have been unable to meet the needs of modern home decoration, but also have a high level of design in appearance, to reflect the higher quality of life. Both fashionable and modern light and decoration style, and reflected the new Chinese style style of Oriental culture, or the simple luxury Jane European style & hellip; … These styles respectively represent the different owners of household, individual be fond of and aesthetic life yearning. So, when designing different decoration style, what kind of ceramic tile should be applied, how to match more highlights characteristic? Match the new Chinese style style collocation is both traditional culture and modern temperament of new Chinese style household style, in addition to using archaize do old archaize brick, also can choose the starkness of wood grain brick, elegant style of ceramic tile, marble or low-key luxury senior ash cement block. Collocation Jane Jane uefa European style style while excluding the Europe type style of the complex in form, but still retain the luxurious atmosphere of expensive gas. In collocation of ceramic tile, more is imitated natural stone or precious jade texture of marble tiles, and glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, luxuriant elegance of microcrystalline ceramic tile. Mediterranean style collocation in all household style, a kind of Mediterranean style is very characteristic, also is the best-known Marine style. The ceramic tile of pure and fresh, elegant, lively style, can match more free romantic Mediterranean style. When decorating, consider small specifications of archaize brick, light brick and tile. Collocation stylish modern style, also known as contemporary and contracted style, is characterized by simple design, comfortable, and emphasized the practicality of household. As a result, the modern style of decoration in the application of ceramic tile, also with colors style is contracted, practical, the shop is stuck design simple ceramic tile. American style collocation of American style, often with rustic style in a narrow sense. Its characteristic is very pay attention to the family daily life, advocate natural and tonal, build a warm and comfortable home atmosphere. When decorating, can match the humanities atmosphere of archaize brick, or concrete blocks of natural of primitive simplicity. Collocation of rural style rural style advocating return to nature of life, the pursuit of idyllic poetry style, but not imitate the rural, rural life in decorating advocate & other; Natural beauty & throughout; 。 Therefore, the ceramic tile of rural style is tie-in, can gloss low inferior smooth brick and soft light. In addition, bring their own temperament of natural wood grain brick, and archaize brick, also suit.
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