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Design a mentor to visit Owen Lai. Listen to Chen Fangxiao and Wu Wenli.

Design a mentor to visit Owen Lai. Listen to Chen Fangxiao and Wu Wenli.


China Ceramics New Ceramics Collection 2018, co-sponsored by China Ceramics Headquarters and Guangzhou Design Week, aims to create a professional reference platform for Chinese consumers to best meet the international trend of home decoration

At present, it has ushered in the third process of on-site evaluation of design cafes.

In order to get a better understanding of the enterprises participating in the election, on the day of the selection (October 25), Chen Fangxiao, Creation Director of Chen Fangxiao Designer's Office, Chen Fangxiao, Creation Director of Hong Kong Zhanshen Decoration and Display Consulting Co., Ltd., Chairman/Design Director of Shenzhen Panshi Interior Design Co., Ltd., and Wu Wenli, Outstanding Designer Designer of California Municipal Government, USA Jida Cafe visited the plain modern Pavilion of the headquarters of Owen Lai for field visits, and felt the quality and charm of plain modern bricks at close range.

During this inspection, Irvine Marketing Director Liang Xueqing personally received and explained the brand and products, and explained in detail the brand concept, product design and new product introduction of Irvine. The development of ceramic tile products and space design has been deeply exchanged and discussed. The key words are "time dimension", "diversified thinking" and "design logic".

I can see the traces of my life on this brick. I have many stories that can be found in this brick so that the connection can be made.

Speaking of the current product status of the industry, Mr. Chen Fangxiao believes that many enterprise products for stone reduction have achieved "from nature but higher than nature", and have been moving in this direction, which is indeed a certain value of the existence of demand, but, "such enterprises have ten or eight on the line, all of them are. To study this, there is a lack of more possibilities for interior designers.

"My walls are all grey, but not as gray as paint. It has to have touch and time traces. I think this is the most important thing. Like your gray impression, I can see the traces of time. It looks like the knife of time has been cut.

During the visit, the instructors showed great interest in the "Owenlai Gray Impression" of the new ceramics collection.

In a crowd of products, the instructors expressed their appreciation of this year's "Owen gray impression". Mr. Chen Fangxiao said he saw the time dimension in "Owen gray impression".

"Many people branded marble for thousands of years, but I think this product is instantaneous branding. The texture of a stone may be calculated by thousands of years. I can't control this time. The traces on the brick surface are the traces of time that I have experienced. I can see the traces of life on this brick. I will have many stories to find in this brick so as to produce. Raw connection.

Mr. Chen Fangxiao's intuitive experience coincides with Irvine's current product design logic.

In the future, the depth of the entire product design depends on the combination of material and time. Product material will not be created out of nothing, many times to do product design, is to seek the most beautiful material moment, and then presented.

Design elements can better wake users if they come from the common memory of users. All products are rooted in the user, because the product will eventually enter the user, in line with their aesthetic taste.

In the future, the whole product design will go down, adding the time dimension to the product design, which is the key point to participate in waking up users. To wake up the users, it is important to think and read the users.

Liang Zong said: "we should find common memories with users and arouse our common feelings. For example, Italy does a lot of product design, cement or terrazzo, because this is their living environment, they accept the symbol, but this kind of thing to China may not be possible, Chinese architecture has undergone great changes, many people's growth environment does not have this, may not see our production. The product will feel, so the users of different products are also different, the thinking dimension of our research and development products is like this, so we can not copy foreign products, directly move back, because the user group is different.

Wu Wenli agreed: "it is to find the point of grasping the heart."

In the past, we only had a single thinking of products, but now we need more comprehensive and diversified logic and thinking.

For the future development direction of industry products, Mr. Wu Wenli believes that: "At the same level, we should win with ideas. In our age, the future direction is not necessarily a new technology, more likely is the concept, lifestyle and so on, (these) can affect product development. In the past, we only had a single thinking of products, but now we need more comprehensive and diversified logic and thinking.

At present, there are more prescient brands in the industry to develop with more dimensions of product design logic. Taking Owenley as an example, from "Owenley Gray" to "Owenley Gray Impression", product advantages rooted in user needs are increasingly developed in market competition.

Owen Lai Grey Impression series products break away from the natural reproduction of texture, touch and other dimensions. Product creation integrates the thinking of the triple design dimensions of material, creativity and time, and then carries out fine innovation from texture, touch and light sensitivity. Every inch of detail conquers the micro-sensory of "detail control" crowd and meets the needs of "detail control" crowd.

The future is not a subversive era, but it must be an era of micro innovation. Products with high and temperature will not be cold and dazzling. The ultimate goal of products is to make users feel, appreciate and sympathize with each other. It is no longer just technology and productivity that lead product innovation in the industry. It is important to understand the real needs of users, aesthetics and life and realize them.

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