Diamond or polishing brick good ceramic tile ceramic tile?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-30
Now sold many kinds of ceramic tile on the market, common diamond tile and polished tile, ceramic tile of different appearance and texture is different, consumers can choose according to the shop is stuck to the right tile. A, diamond polishing brick and tile appearance is light atmosphere, it is difficult to put the two looks alone. Diamond polishing brick and tile on colour difference, difference between polishing tile tile colors will not be too fierce, but is not bound to the glazed ceramic in black and red yellow blue blue no doubt. Polishing brick in single colour, no too big changes, glazed tile because it is printed on the stripes after pour glaze, colour is gorgeous. Diamond polishing tile and tile in the difference on the grain, the grain on the polishing brick grain to do very little, all glazed ceramic can do it like a needle and thread the same fine lines. Second, polishing brick is to compare the quality, although the figure didn't fully glazed ceramic so good-looking, but the polishing tile is through secondary burning, with 1:1 than column is on the ground in front of the plane with low is each half, with ten years grinding don't finish the layer above, but only one face in front of the whole glazed ceramic is the pattern, the other is bottom, although ShuiTie down all the same. Ceramic tile of choose and buy tip 1, watch flatness. The two pieces of the same species of brick overlap together face to face, the corners of alignment, turn one piece, turn to poor quality, the opposite. 2, see the finish. This is an important index for detection of polishing brick quality. Protective wax on the surface of the polishing brick with clean soft cloth or reagent, in light or sunlight, 45 degrees Angle of view, on the surface of the brighter the better. 3, listen to the voice. Tap with good thing, the sound is ringing, the vitrified degree is higher, the better the quality. 4, the bibulous rate. Pour a glass of water on the back of the brick, the faster the water disappear show bibulous rate is higher, the quality of a material is loose, the weaker strength, anti conversely. Ceramic tile words no matter make you choose ceramic tile of choose and buy, should pay attention to the overall aesthetic, this match will be more beautiful.
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