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by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-19
Diamond - the original - - - - - - PCD diamond commonly known as the 'diamond'. Namely we often say that the body of the diamond, it is a kind of mineral composed of carbon element, is the allotropes of carbon element. Diamond is currently found on earth many naturally occurring in the hardest substance. Because now foshan diamond tiles have faint keep ahead in the market, its gloss and relatively high wear resistance, the level also will not give a person the sense is too thick. Overall sales of diamond tile far than other types of ceramic tile. In detail has the following advantages: (1) no water wave secondary burning super crystal diamond tile using industry leading technology, the DS crystallization glaze glazing process for many times, 1180 degrees high temperature constant temperature secondary fire, to completely eliminate the water ripples, more hard flat products, surface present a perfect mirror effect, like diamonds glittering and moving, give a person a kind of luxurious feeling. Second, no pollution of diamond tile call secondary burning super chip technology to make diamond 柸 bottom more hard, physical performance is more stable, more is not easy to pollution, DS crystallization glaze glazing process many times again reduce stains invasion. 360 seal glair technology, 360 - degree comprehensive anti-pollution products, but also to completely eliminate the pollution phenomenon of products. Three or more wear-resisting kong glaze super wear resistance of diamond or thanks to its unique drug DS crystallization glaze glazing technology, special crystallization glaze layer thicker than ordinary glaze layer is more wear-resisting, don't have to worry about scratching household, sand wear away. Always keep the first appearance, if life only such as first, says diamond is ceramic tile. Four king kong, high gloss glaze diamond crystallization degree and transmission of light better DS crystallization glaze glazing for many times, make the product obtained higher brightness. The surface glossiness above 103 like mirror - - - - - - - - - - - - - Level off, the more bright and spacious, more luxurious feeling. Suitable for sweet and comfortable atmosphere, marble tiles added luxury atmosphere for the whole sitting room space, colour and lustre is natural, lifelike texture.
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