Diamond tile effect of wall ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-10
In the process of decorating the house, there are many places we should notice, is for us the below about diamond ceramic tile ceramic tile of wall of the rendering, hope these about diamond ceramic tile ceramic tile machine, the wall of the rendering of content can help to you. Sitting room wall ceramic tile, please actually for a lot of interior space, affix ceramic tile is can do a good job for decoration, sitting room, of course, on the wall ceramic tile also is very good choice. Everyone is important to note, however, the shop is stuck metope ceramic tile should match with the integral pattern of the sitting room photograph, so as to make a better effect to sitting room, this is a list of the sitting room on the wall tile related introduction: 1, beautiful: some people think sticks ceramic tile of metope, but also some people feel cold. Actually stick good, beautiful atmosphere, key or personal choice. 2, practical: ceramic tile on the wall is a worry metope adornment, when cleaning wipes clean, ceramic tile can help avoid a child in the white walls with pictures on the wall, good do health luster good, many years do not fade, can also feel more new hall. 3, durable, as long as the process is good, do not appear fall off, wall tile and durable; Long a clean dirty, if brightness is new. 4. The requirements of indoor is capacious and bright, let a person feel relaxed and calm. Commonly so light color ceramic tile shop is stuck is appropriate, such as white, shallow cream-colored, pure color or slightly markings can be, for hygiene requirements high master, choose pure color can reflect master more elegant, but to spend more time and energy, because pure color not to bear or endure dirty, need often clean, some of the job is busy, would like to use a free time in the sleep. Note 1 the sitting room on the wall ceramic tile. Must be mixed tile glue shop is stuck, if will use tile is too big or heavy hang hang dry or wet method will be safe. 2. Should not be submerged before preparing adhesive, ceramic tile, but to use wire brush to remove the loose material on the reverse of the tile, wipe with wet cloth to tile of fly ash. Then in accordance with the manufacturer recommendations will be water or emulsion on the mixing barrel until the adhesive evenly without aggregation. After the initial mixing adhesive should let stand in the mixing barrel, mix until producer after the recommended curing time again. Above is small make up for everybody finishing on diamond ceramic tile ceramic tile of wall of the rendering some content, hope that we can make good use of these content, avoid the error in the process of decoration.
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