Diamond tile full disclosure

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-21
Ceramic tile is secondary to burn the ultra crystal diamond processing products, this is the upgrade version of ultra smooth glaze, zero water ripple, remove the traditional glazed ceramic flatness problem. Compared to the traditional glazed ceramic all choose soft, super SPAR choose hard, prompting glaze layer more neatly. Compared with a glazing, ultra smooth glaze diamond choose ceramic tile processing technology and secondary secondary burning super glazing process, the prompt glaze layer thicker, color is more evenly distributed, make the surface glossiness smooth, transition to a more natural, natural color is more beautiful and easy. Diamond is a kind of ceramic tile products? Named diamond because of high quality high quality ceramic tile, is a natural marble effect and microlite tile imitation stone floor tile of simple sense, it is not only in price, environmental protection, durable and cleaning has the advantage, in the quality, specifications, color, weight index, such as diamond tiles are far better than the stone plate, polishing tile. Compared with other types of products, it can also use the characteristics of 'high neat, high wear resistance, high brightness, high fidelity, high-definition, high environmental protection'. Diamond tile key processing technology. Technology of manufacturing core technology, secondary burning super glaze surface layer is thicker, more bright full color. Roughness effect is good, hardness is higher. Selected layers glazing process, the surface layer glaze more thicker than the ordinary products, color more full. 1180 degrees set WenHeng burn, crystallization degree is higher. Effect of layer crystal and transparent crystallization glaze. To obtain a higher brightness and higher surface hardness. Choose 360 seal glair processing process, fully avoid the product pollution problem, use ten years, is still enduring. Choose 6 nozzle machinery and equipment, at the same time dealing with 6 kinds of color, progressive scan for hd design. Choose fine buffing mirror glass processing technology, surface layer to achieve astonishing flatness, get as smooth as the mirror glass effect. Diamond product selling point: 0 water ripple, chooses manufacturing industry technical process, the secondary burning super repeated crystallization glaze glaze processing technology, continuous high temperature 1180 degrees thermostatic secondary fire, resolutely put an end to the formation of water ripple, products more flat, hard surface show a mirror effect, like diamonds look attractive, let a person feel a kind of elegant and low-key costly visual experience. The zero pollution. Mature secondary burning ultra crystal craft to make the diamond slab bottom hard, physical performance is more stable, less pollution, repeated crystallization glaze glaze processing technology, the decrease of the reasonable and effective stain into again. 360 seal glair technology, let anti-pollution products 360 degrees, is more resolutely put an end to the pollution problem of the product, use again for a long time, still charm. Super durable. Diamond super wear resistance or thanks to its repeated crystallization glaze glaze processing technology, unique crystallization glaze layer thicker than ordinary glaze layer is more wear-resisting, from then on don't afraid of scratching by the household furniture, sand La wear away. After grinding, will always keep you at the beginning of it. High brightness. Diamond with pure color crystal layer and better repeat crystallization glaze glaze, make products to obtain a higher brightness. The surface colour above 103, like a flat mirror, shining, like diamonds shine, shining brilliance, not only let the application space appears more bright and spacious, adds more elegant and low-key luxury experience. Detail is attached to the point, is fully three-dimensional diamond tile surface, let's take a look at it bright color, texture, grain clarity, especially have administrative levels feeling. Look from the side, let us see the diamond surface smooth, particularly high flatness. Touch floor, diamond particularly fine texture and texture, pattern of stereo sense is very strong, also compared with microlite tile price material benefit a lot, sometimes design adornment effect.
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