Do you know the wall brick quality inspection points?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-04
Quality appraisal main should grasp the following points: ( 1) Visual inspection in the field, observation products without sleeves, spots, obvious quality defects such as crack, axial bubble, corrugated, have above defects can't choose. ( 2) Test by hand. Two bricks with his fingers grip the mutual collision, after ringing loud for qualified products, low voice depressing material must have internal quality defects. ( 3) To identify the color difference. Due to the wall tile of a purchase quantity is larger, if there are any obvious color difference between multiple packaging, decoration effect is very affected, to all packaging product sampling contrast, observe the change of the color difference, color can't choose. ( 4) To examines the size, size error is greater than zero. 5 mm, flatness is greater than zero. 1 mm products, not only increases the difficulty of construction, at the same time, after decorating effect is poor, also can not be used in engineering. ( 5) Listen to sound. Tap with good thing, the sound is ringing, the vitrified degree is higher, the better the quality. Can also be a corner left thumb and forefinger and middle finger clip ceramic tile, easily down, with his right hand index finger tapping the tile part, such as voice clear, sweet after taste, such as sound depressing, ZhiZhuo as inferior. ( 6) Drop test. Water droplets can be on the back of ceramic tile, see water out after the infiltration speed, in general, the slower suction, show that the density of ceramic tile is larger; On the contrary, the faster the water absorption, density is sparse, its are immanent quality based on the former.
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