Domestic outfit selection of floor tile buy ceramic tile is pay attention to what matters?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-17
Buy ceramic tile should pay attention to? Household decorates floor tile choice learned, want to use for many years as a result of floor tile, savings, bought a small manufacturer not the ceramic tile of wear-resisting, after a year of refute, brick surface crackle, ugly, not durable, again not environmental protection, in this case, the small make up recommend that you choose normal manufacturer of ceramic tile. One, in choosing a floor tile, on the material to differ, choose floor tile to distinguish space. 1, floor tile is divided into two kinds of polished tile, glazed tile, polishing tile, also called bo changes a brick, its characteristic is good abrasion resistance, no flooding, etc. , because it's smooth and beautiful, so in the sitting room and dining-room use up is better, and is relatively easy to wipe. 2, glazed tile and lens face brick, its characteristics of good skid resistance, the more the water prevent slippery effect is better, but it's important to note that glazed tile sensitive to dust, which prevent slippery effect is abate, kitchen and toilet because easy to damp, use glazed tile. Second, the ceramic tile hardness is the main parameter, will directly affect the service life of the ceramic tile, understand the essential parameters. Simple method is a method that can use percussion sound of ringing that inner quality is good, is out of shape not easily broken. Color, size is according to the intuitive judgment, observe whether a batch of the color of ceramic tile is generally consistent, can be well split together, color difference is small, neat size is top grade. And, of course, there is an important parameter is the wear-resisting degree, from low to high is divided into five degrees, five degrees belong to super durable, generally not used for home decoration, decoration bricks at once to choose between four degrees. Bibulous rate is also decides the use of ceramic tile, the ceramic tile with bibulous rate high density low, brick hole poor, should not be used in active place, lest absorbing water after fouling cleaning; Bibulous the ceramic tile with low rate, high density, high moisture resistance ability.
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