Don't think I'm a low-key, I just don't make public

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-01
Gray, left and right side is black and white, but it is more mature than white. Is more fashion than black, in silently appear under the low-key appearance make public; Many moment, gray, make clear and do not break elegant, soft and do not break vogue tide. From the noise of the contemporary daily life silly, to enjoy it a comfortable and easy and comfortable leisure comfortable, pursue high quality life yearning of individual character vogue; Gray, and not a big deal, it's just a classic. Gray mystery: gray can bring us a visual harmonious sweet feeling is very good, give a person the information management of brain pressure is low, let a person heart is more quiet and peaceful; On the other hand, more and more colour too irritating, can produce work pressure, let a person feeling and potential sense of anxiety. Look, both fashion and floor tile are poured into the floor tile industry by a grey fashion fashion gray: there is a grey, it's fashion trend of emotional appeal, there is a grey, they are have administrative levels feeling, there is a grey, they are elegant, high grade, the ash specially belonged to floor tile world fashion guru. Gray, of course, with all white lines on the surface of ceramic tile, high-definition bright surface layer is visible have different shades of gray, its winding pattern of the dike appear a comfortable, relaxed and happy. Texture clear, natural lifelike, administrative levels clear, pure and fresh quietly elegant and graceful shining brilliantly, administrative levels feels like nature itself. Yang with grey comprehend the beauty of life emotional appeal, with quiet declare elegant fashion, in the form of contemporary space, whether in any form or tag is a kind of life attitude, we can't escape from the noisy city, can make to daily life.
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