Ecological ceramic tile the vernal equinox season to show natural scene

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-25
Unique design of the original ecological cast stone tile ceramic tile series, nor, exuberant, integration of the world's advanced digital inkjet technology, realize the vivid color of ceramic tile product texture, present a very vivid exquisite natural space adornment effect. The original cast stone ecological ceramic tile, after high temperature completely burned through more than 1200 °, ceramic tile tile all porcelain high hardness, density is bigger, bibulous rate is low, antifouling easy to clean; Using three-dimensional porcelain is a integrated technology, cast no glaze layer, porcelain tiles, wear-resisting coefficient tall, protect friction tile is not damaged. Ceramic tile in the choice of breed of design and color and perfect technology research and development, is an object with natural stone material, reproduce the natural stone texture and texture, has excellent polishing tile use performance, and glazed ceramic tile rich effect, is both stone texture of a new generation of ceramic tile. Saw this article recommended: all show cast porcelain tile measurement of original rock of natural scene
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