Engineering ceramic tile is usually how to choose

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-15
Engineering of brick is different family is decorated, the use of large ceramic tile, require the same batch number of ceramic tile ceramic tile to big, so can guarantee the same color ceramic tile, not easy to appear off color. Because of large number of engineering projects use ceramic tile, usually to ceramic tile purchasing cost control more strictly. In other words, under the premise of meeting the project quality requirement as far as possible to choose low price products. Product price is low, the quality of the products of the same manufacturer is project customers more appropriate to choose from. Using ground brick is frequently used in engineering projects is polished tile. Because of polishing tile more wear-resisting brick than others, more durability. Polishing brick color concise, can satisfy the public demand, and the price is relatively cheap. Therefore, polishing brick has been the project land brick of commonly used products. Polishing brick of the commonly used color Bai Jujing, Huang Jujing, pilates, tulip, natural stone, etc. Glazed brick wall tile is also a project of the commonly used products. Glazed wall brick is mainly used for kitchen, bathroom, balcony, corridor and so on the metope of the position. Design and color is given priority to with light color attune of marbling and jade decorative pattern. Wall brick of commonly used specifications have 300 * 600 mm, 300 * 300, 400 * 800, etc. Hutch defends prevent slippery floor tile used usually form a complete set of glazed wall brick, usually for 300 * 300 mm brick. Project of ceramic tile quality control key points: one is the same batch product whether have off color, this is intuitive parameters, is also the key, if the color difference is difficult to completion of project; Second, roughness, roughness of ceramic tile shop is stuck up is difficult, and posted the ground/undulate metope. But you need to pay special attention to the wall brick factory usually want to have a certain amount, because brick is bibulous rate is large, will have certain rebound after bubble water shop is stuck. If the wall tile factory is straight, paving bricks instead of bubble water will have the phenomenon of the newborn.
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