Engineering wear-resisting brick and polishing brick have what different?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-14
Ceramic tile is now one of the indispensable decoration decoration materials, now in the market of various types of ceramic tile, let consumer choose and buy decorate how to start. 1, the price is different polished tile and glazed ceramic tile above specification size also have certain difference, polishing tile is mainly used in the living room lamp place more, large size is generally 600, 800 tile, and glazed ceramic tile often small floor tile is 300 * 300. Glazed ceramic tile simulation is high, it combines the advantages of archaize brick and polishing tile, on the basis of the glazed tile again to polishing brick surface, process more complicated than the polishing brick, appearance has the rich colours of the glazed tile, polishing brick light clean, so the price than polishing brick expensive. 8DL536- 800 * 8002, different color of polishing brick color is single, without too big change, tile between all sorts of color difference is not too strong, but not in glazed ceramic tile, glazed ceramic tile rich colors than polishing brick. Glazed ceramic tile is printed on pattern after pour glaze, bright color to compare, but also completely unrestricted, black and red yellow blue blue completely no problem. 8 dl535 - 800 * 8003, adobe bricks is the key to distinguish polished tile and glazed ceramic tile, polished tile is the color into the tile, so 1 - below the surface The color of the 2 mm brick and surface is the same. The glazed ceramic tile is not the same, not seep into the brick, look to the side of the brick, glazed tile are the obvious stratification, can clearly see the glaze, if bricky face only a very thin layer of a color layer are certainly glazed ceramic tile. 8DL533- 800 * 8004, wear-resisting degree different glazed ceramic tiles is in the polishing brick surface with a layer of glaze, in contrast, brightness is good, transparent feeling, but as polishing brick wear-resisting degree. Polishing brick surface is crystal is very thick, more wear-resisting, and glazed ceramic tile surface is a layer of glaze, very thin, wear resistance is not so strong.
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