European light, new Chinese style, luxury and north European marble tiles

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-16
Marble tiles because style of design and color is rich, and exquisite natural texture, basic is not subject to limitations in home decoration applications, in addition to the conventional used as ceramic tile and floor tile, metope can also through the cutting and design become the background wall, spelling a flower, art wall, etc. And, it goes in the household style also has incomparable advantages. Whether it is Europe type style, Jane Europe style, new Chinese style style, or light and decoration style, the Nordic style, minimalist style, marble tiles can be used freely. Next, we look at the marble tile in the mainstream of 5 kinds of household decorates a style how to match the application of performance? With European household style in recent years, although as an outfit consumer more and more young, domestic outfit style appears contracted; European household style, however, are still part of the high-end home user community preferences. The main characteristic of this kind of style is noble and romantic, costly and beautiful. Realistically simulate natural stone texture, reproduction is the nature of mountains and rivers context and movements, marble tile can create great momentums, grand gorgeous scenes, reveal the rich European household style with showily. Match the new Chinese style household style of new Chinese style decorates a style on the whole is tonal, is relatively deep. , therefore, in the collocation with new Chinese style household style design, we suggest ink color, design and color quietly elegant, smooth texture, moderate glossiness of ceramic tile, marble can decorate a style is formed on the whole unification, can reduce the number of new Chinese style household monotonous, dull, heavy and outspread space, build the household atmosphere of quiet, peaceful, reflect the host's household life style. Light collocation of luxury household to decorate household style from the custom applications, light luxury household style in these two years rise rapidly, thunder without two, won the domestic outfit, represented by the new middle class consumers. This kind of style is the main difference in european-style luxury of heavy and complicated, with low-key costly for the concept, performance in the design of contracted and fashionable, excluding the adornment of the complexity. Gray, cool color attune, shallow grain ceramic tile, marble can bring contracted and not simple adornment effect, very suitable for light and luxury household style. Match the Nordic Nordic household style household style with minimalist aesthetics as a guide, using modern minimalist design, bright color is rich, is very popular among consumers in 8090 after the young home outfit. When the collocation of this kind of style, can be a dark and light color fastens to mix build, marble tile performance more lively and vivid, personality and comfortable household atmosphere, reflect personality diversity and administrative levels.
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