Every space ground material how to choose?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-16
In domestic outfit, ground material is a very big spending. We all know, the ground decoration materials mainly divided into the floor tile and the floor. And floor tile can be divided into many types according to different standards, for example, polishing brick, prevent slippery brick, belong to the brick, and archaize brick belongs to the glazed tile. Floor in the same way, to segment, for a while also said not over, small make up for you to choose. Glazed tile floor tile categories: cheap, anti-fouling ability is very good, the style. Divided into two kinds of porcelain and ceramic, generally USES for the ground is porcelain; : body brick not glaze, and is the same color and design and color is not glazed pottery, moistureproof prevent slippery wear-resisting, but because there are a lot of concave and convex stomatal breeds bacteria, so weak in the kitchen and toilet. Polishing brick: is the brick of a kind of, quality is light, thin, hard wear-resisting tile, too bright to sway eyes, daily dry mop, back to south day might be 'water'; Inferior smooth brick, compared with polishing brick no light pollution, good care, spread out the overall effect is very comfortable, buy can weigh in hand one weigh in hand, with the size of the brick, heavier than the lighter the better; Bo changes a brick: surface like glass. Abrasion resistance pollution, it is easy to get dirty, and does not prevent slippery; Antifouling archaize brick, decorate the effect is very restore ancient ways, prevent slippery, wear-resisting, because of the high water absorption, are more likely affected by back to south day; Prevent slippery brick, brick, glazed tile, Mosaic actually belong to prevent slippery brick, etc. Prevent slippery tile slippery wear-resisting, beautiful and practical. Choose sitting room: need good wear-resisting, bright and clean. Optional polishing brick, bo changes a brick, and archaize brick, prevent slippery brick. The archaize brick and bo changes a brick is pretty good, relatively bright some polishing brick; Porch: wear-resisting non-slip, can choose different patterns of bo changes a brick and the sitting room, divisional space; Bedroom: are generally flooring, if you want to use floor tile optional polishing brick, and archaize brick. The warm color attune of polishing brick is sweet; Kitchen: need bright, good cleaning. Optional porcelain glazed tile inferior smooth brick, prevent slippery brick, glazed tile common, if the light is not good, don't use inferior smooth glaze; Toilet: the main is slippery. Can be chosen prevent slippery brick, porcelain glazed tiles, matt tiles. Slippery ground, metope can use a good cleaning the glazed tile; The balcony: open the balcony need waterproof and moistureproof, prevent slippery brick pick a good performance. To encapsulate the balcony optional polishing brick, inferior smooth brick, and archaize brick, prevent slippery brick; Outdoor corridor: the main is wear-resisting, connect body brick appropriate; Note: floor tile size according to the actual situation to plan his house, floor tile shop sticks when should pay attention to the whole set of stick as far as possible to avoid waste.
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