Exterior wall ceramic tile stick?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-22
A, choose ceramic tile same color, same size, edge tidy, for different types of ceramic tile to classification put, lest the whole mix. Before the start of the second, in the construction design drawings must be ready, the ceramic tile overall arrangement, guarantee the smooth progress of construction. Third, clean surface, fill the rough places, after water wetting surface, in bottom ash, any ratio is 1:3 - 1:4 cement mortar. Bottom ash must be smooth. Four, with flat mortar screeding layer of surface layer, the water will drip line and the slope set aside, according to the weather situation for water conservation. Fifth, according to the size and metope ceramic tile size, pop up the horizontal and vertical line of ceramic tile. Six, tile, use first abandoned old ceramic tile as a symbol of block, as the basis of the thickness of the paste. Tile, will now be fully wetting layer, take out after them. Water mud and 107 glue mixing, can increase the combined annual. On the outer wall tiling by down, from left to right. Seven, after the shop is stuck, in a relatively short period of time to remove dirt, removing surface dirt, jointing, cannot careless, according to the normal jointing process to do it, when completed can see the overall effect of the good.
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