Family kitchen decorate should pay attention that the eight! ! !

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-18
1, kitchen area of the usable floor area of the kitchen wants moderate, too much waste, while too little crowded and reasonable area should be general for about 10 square meters. To ensure the kitchen space reasonable natural lighting and ventilation. If the kitchen area is quite large, can be placed a small table, so that it can be used as a dining room and do not need to find a space as a dining room, table can be placed under the carpet for disjunctive space. Kitchen area is small, you should pay attention to receive. 2 in the kitchen, kitchen choose wood to use a large amount of wood products, kitchen ventilation and should be paid attention to in the wind system is perfect, avoid long-term water on the floor and metope, make the wood cracking deformation, even decay. 3, the lamps and lanterns of the kitchen lamps and lanterns of the kitchen should adopt such as anti fog lamps waterproof lamps and lanterns, joint line should be strictly treated with waterproof insulating tape carefully, in order to avoid water vapor condensation into, cause short circuit, there is a fire. Kitchen lighting should be divided into two levels: one is for the whole lighting of the kitchen, one is for washing, preparation and operation of lighting. 4, kitchen curtain, kitchen curtain selection should use aluminum alloy coating the shutters of the lacquer that bake, try not to use cloth curtain, avoid is not easy to clean up after infected with oil. 5, the choice of the metope of the kitchen ceramic tile ceramic tile should consider indoor light illumination, too bright and too dark room should use the ceramic tile of dumb light and colour quietly elegant, avoid the light pollution, form the visual fatigue. Ceramic tile ground considering the choice of the color and luster, also should pay attention to the use of comfort, should choose to prevent slippery ceramic tile, and interface, prevents the hiding dirt deposition, to facilitate cleaning. Don't use Mosaic floor. In order to avoid slip of fall, cause body injury. 6, kitchen receive determines the function of the kitchen is the environment that occupy the home easy 'dirty, disorderly and poor'. How to make a beautiful kitchen clean and tidy, is the kitchen decorate another important purpose other than the convenient function. Should make full use of space, use of ark and condole ark, etc. , and condole cabinet is made of 30 to 40 cm wide multilayer grid. Furniture should adopt closed form as far as possible, items to classify all kinds of equipment in storage in cabinet, clean and tidy. The short ark to make in the kitchen drawer, push-pull type convenient take put, there is a better vision. Gaps between condole ark operation platform, and can be used to put needed to get some cooking utensils. 7, kitchen ceiling of the top surface of the kitchen, appropriate chooses metope fire, heat, easy to clean material, such as glazed tile walls, aluminum ceiling, etc. Smallpox ceiling of the kitchen should be consider use waterproof products, namely, waterproof gypsum board, water resistant putty and high-performance waterproof emulsioni paint, so at the same time in the beautiful, not cause inconvenience in use. 8, kitchen lampblack problem height shall be the height of the smoke lampblack machine to users, and sucker dosing pump machine and hearth distance should not be more than 60 centimeters. After installation cabinet first smoke lampblack machine installation, prone to trouble, so and ambry installation at the same time. When the household articles for use such as oil absorption of choose and buy Chinese style was stronger than Europe type suction.
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