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Five White Marble Varieties

Five White Marble Varieties


Among a variety of natural stone products, used as a construction material, white marble is famous for its gloss and aesthetic appeal. White marble makes a big difference with its softer feel, rich look, uniform texture, and moderate hardness. When it comes to getting the most stylish and unique white marble varieties. There is a long list of destinations that produce quality marble. White marble comes with a white backdrop and colorful lines, veins, and waves over its surface. Interestingly, some of them look identical. The thing that catches all eyes is interesting hues like black, purple, grey, blue, and brown that settle on the surface in the form of speckles, veins, and waves.

There is no dearth of marble stone available in premium, commercial, and standard quality. From plain to veined and from light white to dark hues, white marble caters to all needs of buyers. With lots of white marble options around, it is hard for white marble lovers to choose the best one from lookalike marble stone types. Undoubtedly, marble is world-famous and it needs no introduction. Apart from this, some stunning white marble options render buyers better choices. 

1.Banswara white marble

Additional names – Banswara ivory marble, Banswara marble, Banswara cream white marble, and Banswara opal white marble

Surface description – A shiny surface that has black or purple lines

Available options – Tiles, slabs, countertops, and vanity tops

2.Banswara white marble slab

Additional names – Storm White Marble, Diamond White Marble, or White Polar Marble

Material origin – North India

Surface description – A light grey background with soft grey veins

Available options – Tiles, slabs, marble kitchen worktops, and vanitytops

3.Polar white marble slab

Additional names – Agriya Milk White Marble, Raj Nagar White Marble, Rajnagar Agriya White Marble, Agriya White Marble, Rajnagar Marble, and PB White Marble

Surface description – A white-hued surface that has dark grey waves

Available options – Tiles, slabs, countertops, and vanitytops

4.Rajnagar white marble Slab

Additional names – River White Marble and Blue River Marble

Surface description – A rich bluish-white background with grey and brown cloudy veins

Available options – Tiles, slabs, countertops, and vanitytops

5.River White Marble Slab

Additional names – Statuario White Marble and India statuario marble tiles

Surface description – White backdrop and uneven lines of grey hues

Available options – Tiles, slabs, countertops, and vanity tops

With loads of mechanical properties, white marble all with its unusual luster, array, permanence, flexibility, and reflection. Marble varieties provide a feel-good factor. These stone options are enriched with many chemical and physical features that make the stone practical and useful for all sorts of construction projects in all parts of the world. When it comes to the application areas of the white stone, you can easily use the stone in the form of countertops in the kitchen, vanity tops in the bathroom, slabs in the drawing-room, tiles in the living space, tiles in indoor space, and wall coping in pools and fountains. Moreover, white marble stone can also be used as mosaics.

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