Floor tile house decoration 3 big experience

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-25
Floor tile shop sticks the processing technology, how to do depends on the hand, decorate in the house staff and the shop is stuck at the end of the actual effect depends on the interior designer and the owner's hand. Many owners have their own 'concept', according to own wilful thought the can design beautiful decorate indoor space design, but in the end is often spend money on experiences. Floor tile house decorate already not so difficult. 1, the size is too small white ceramic tile, clean clean less trouble! In the case of a lot of house decorate a shower room, selection of white ceramic tile, especially for owners of white has a unique 'feelings', in the case of selection does not give full consideration to the specific circumstances, choose white floor tile, and after the shop is stuck to detect the original white so very easy to dirty, if too lazy to wash, after cleaning becomes very difficult. In view of the small size of white ceramic tile, regardless of the color is not durable, represents the gap size small, this gap will store a lot of dirt, cleaning in daily life is not easy to detect, health conditions to reduce the shower room, after they threat everyone's health. 2, black floor brick is another 'pit'. After a lot of people in the selection of the white ceramic tile is very regret, and thought that the black floor brick generally very resistant to dirt. In fact black floor brick is durable, but the black floor brick is greatly affect the appearance. Because black floor brick is easy to stay imprint, use shower room in daily life, part of the water, dirt, etc are will stay on the floor tile pattern, even under the situation of people walking on the floor tile is stays to mark, for the appearance of the bathroom decorate degree is really a very big damage. 3, prevent slippery with uneven floor tile? You are so naive! Non-slip performance is another condition of shower room floor tile selection, given the bathroom shower room is very wet, one not careful will slip, so choose Overland prevent slippery floor tile is the most wise decision. So there are some owners choose to be a bumpy surface designs as the adornment of wall floor tile, that have prevent slippery effect? May be! But this also in the case of cleaning after you pay more time and energy. Because of the uneven floor brick used in a period of time under the condition of the cleaning task is very difficult, very easy to shelter evil people and practices, so if you are not afraid of trouble, just select the floor tile.
Maintaining ceramic floor tile is not as easy as it may seem. You have to do plenty of important tasks. So cruel is the truth unless you've got a to help you.
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