Floor tile indoor decorate it is important to pay special attention to the two places!

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-25
Indoor decoration, floor tile is a very important part. One not careful will seriously disrupt the whole actual effect. Ground floor tile of small details, where it will have on the inside is often appear to be the problem? Floor tile worry about empty drum. Look wet live also is the image project in indoor decoration, floor brick or stone slab is not so good, will not only affect the beautiful and easy, and is likely to happen again the seepage problem. 1, the ceramic tile species. Kitchen and toilet use relatively more common only floor tile decorative materials. As a manufacturer of ceramic production and processing world powers, army in shang Yin s, China has already designed with floor tile decorative, gradually improve after a few dry years, nowadays the kinds of ceramic tile is roughly divided into: body brick, polished tile, glazed ceramic tile, bo changes a brick, diamond, archaize brick, tile, glazed tile, microcrystalline, bibulous rate of each floor tile, the composition, production process is different. What do you mean 2, empty drum. Empty drum is refers to the floor and adhesive layer of the imperfect. And the tooling is different, stick a wall brick decorate in the family in you can't come up empty drum. Come up empty drum problem: is the root cause of construction personnel skill and bonding quality of raw materials. If from the empty drum, floor tile is easy to crack, metope brick is very easy to fall down.
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