Floor tile is tie-in skill university asked, read this article, make sure you create a new fashion!

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-25
The modern home interior decoration style is various, a variety of tie-in skill is multifarious, and floor tile as a big family is decorated in the home installs material, as long as it is can match good design style, will be more than the surprise that expect is less than, can make your family is tall. Today, teach how guys home decorate a style to match floor! How different indoor decorate a style to match floor 1, contemporary and contracted style fashion. Fashion and contracted style is contracted and light, good atmosphere. 'Because of' contracted style of daily life philosophy are widespread in the now popular culture. Contemporary and contracted style, pay attention to the function first, form follows function. So condole top, when the design theme wall, such as taking up space, do not have much practical value model can save a province. The design of furniture as far as possible simple lines, give priority to with straight line. The selection of floor tile can consider monochrome, straight grain of small decorative pattern of contracted neat or fashion avant-garde obvious effect of the artificial design design and color are available. 2, Mediterranean style. Always with romantic Mediterranean style is given priority to, on the color with blue and white, and yellow wait for color, Mediterranean style decorate collocation skill floor tile should be inferior smooth archaize tile and Mosaic tile floor. 3, the modern European style. Today's European both European classical flavor and today's fashion sense, so the floor tile on the choice of light white imitation marble tile, imitation marble texture such as imitation stone floor tile is better. 4, the classical European style. Like classical European style did not have many families in China, but also some people like classical European atmosphere of luxury, so on the classical European style decoration choice color, uniform texture, delicate, soft light imitation stone floor, colour cannot too deep, not shallow, and secondary colors should be yellow or light brown. 5, rural style. Pure natural material texture, exquisite, simple, natural, return uncut jade to put in true feeling, manifests the nature's vicissitudes and the ancient sense, are more popular a kind of practice in at present naturalism, for instance local furniture made of old wood, more close to the soil and natural breath. In choice of floor tile, can consider solid feeling strong single spell, accompanied by big flower, tree knot adornment effect such as floor tile, color is given priority to with real wood color. Such as maple, pine logs effect, reflect a kind of beautiful decoration. 6, mix building a style. Mix building a style tend to be the pursuit of individual character, so the floor tile is tie-in skill can casually, if it is more contemporary and contracted style in floor tile can choose light color fastens tie-in skill, can match the skill at this time a little exaggeration, design and color is a bit complicated imitation stone floor, can let whole space not by unified appears simple and empty. Household is decorated in the choice of the floor is very important, should according to own household decorate a design style collocation skill, not the same as the design style of the floor tile of choosing tie-in skill is different also, so in the choice of floor tile, we should pay attention to their own household decorate a design style.
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