Floor tile is what reason is becoming more and more foggy

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-24
Soon after the shop floor tile, the surface is like received a foggy layer of ash, looks dirty, how to wash tile floor have no way to fully restore clean ceramic tile surface. Gorgeous smooth floor tile, why into this appearance? For this kind of situation, is likely to be the root cause is the root cause of these five: 1, the floor tile on the surface of the wax layer not removed before polishing tile factory, the manufacturer will usually do polishing wax fill out the small hole of the ceramic tile surface, realize the floor tile 'more bright and clean and tidy' actual effect. And in the process of logistics transportation and the operation of the shop is stuck, wax layer will be damaged or scratches on the surface of the ceramic tile, floor tile looks bleak. The situation down, consumer groups can also first dewaxing again anew polishing wax, floor tile surface texture. , 2, detergent and selected unreasonable cleaner with acid, alkali, corrosion floor tile different floor tile and smear is suitable for different detergents, if, use detergent, will seriously disrupt the tile surface. Floor tile for corrosion too strong detergent was associated with a light layer, the floor tile on the surface with a sharp indentations, tactility not smooth texture, also special is very easy to get dirty. 3, ceramic glaze is changed. If the bricks after wiping clean and neat, never the same perspective to the analysis, the ceramic tile surface smoothness is high, the floor tile is likely to be the root cause of foggy body ceramic glaze caused part of the chemical reaction, thus formed the 'white mist'. There is usually no way to improve such case, only can change the bricks. 4, the cleaning method is not reasonable. Floor tile should pay special attention to when do cleaning can't seriously disrupt the glaze layer, using a soft brush gently cleaning. With box cutters, the small sharp tools such as wire ball, pay special attention to, avoid scratch floor tile on the surface of enamel. If waxing floor tile surface layer did not remove, use the detergent is likely to cause unreasonable detergent and wax layer cause reaction, into the white film. 5, smear the new penetration to the floor. Immediately after cleaning the floor tile to wipe, can not let the water mark remaining in ceramic tile surface, otherwise stains from new to infiltrate the floor tile, floor tile is very easy to lose the pure and fresh and natural beauty. Ceramic tile seam filling agent after full filling do not wipe clean work, on the surface of the floor tile survival is also one of the root cause.
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