Floor tile material how to choose?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-23
1, what kind of material on the surface of the ceramic tile to choose depends on the application of household function to decide. If the metope of the kitchen toilet, can choose smooth glaze material, easy to clean. The ground of toilet, need to use prevent slippery inferior smooth surface of the material, in order to avoid damp circumstances wrestling. On the market have a cloth grain surface material, anti-skid and the foot feels comfortable, like on a cloth and on behalf of the center of the brand has Spanish ceramic tile, ceramic tile of abstruse rice eggplant, Abby Annie ceramic tile, etc. 2, dumb smooth series: special surface treatment, make ceramic tile did not have dazzing glance, the surface of the soft luster, smooth, appear more decorous. Some dumb smooth series of products can also be wall. Dumb smooth series: special finishing of style restoring ancient ways, this series of ceramic tile surface didn't glance, with slightly concave and convex, uneven colouring strengthened the feeling of this kind of style of the ancients. Some ornamental thread and flower piece, still make emboss effect, quite elegant. Smooth rolling series: the same is smooth, but give a person with this kind of ceramic tile. Their original surface uneven, and both are different, paving the entire wall has a wealth of smooth shadow change. 3, ceramic tile has a variety of materials, divided into glazed pottery, tile, polishing tile, bo changes a tile, Mosaic several broad categories. Some large area such as the kitchen space, the preferred is smooth or dumb smooth glazed pottery, it is very convenient to clean up, also can make 'vogue' the effect. Many brands have colorful dumb smooth glazed pottery for consumers to choose from. General ladies will like the color, also has a lot of people like to choose the ceramic tile with the fashion factors. The ground material is choose dumb smooth ceramic tile, to prevent the kitchen garden water make the ground too slippery, carelessly security problem. So choose to prevent slippery floor tile is first.
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