Floor tile rules of indoor decoration

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-25
Home to decorate wall, ground, in the beautiful and easy, easy cleaning and so on main requirements above, always seek waves slow, fashion sense. Through a few small coup, life actually fashion is not difficult also to make floor tile. Through a few small coup, life let a floor tile also fashion trends. Archaize ceramic series products of implicitly fashion sense first is the choice of materials, floor tile has a variety of materials, can be divided into the glazed ceramic brick, brick, polishing tile, bo changes a tile, Mosaic several broad categories. In the Mosaic because small, colorful and easy decoration design are small interior space that defend bath to set off the good vibes. With glass Mosaic again among the more notable. In a restaurant kitchen, whole sitting room large area such as part of the public areas, priority is inferior smooth glazed ceramic tile, it can also manufacture mild 'fashion'. At present more and more goods spleen with colour collocation of rich and colorful inferior smooth glazed ceramic tiles for customer choice. Women generally interested in part of colour collocation is very transparent, like Overland floor tile series product light color with chat beautiful fresh fruit, and the male friends is favored brunet series implicitly fashion sense, also with full of amorous feelings of Italian culture. Floor tile decorative pattern design. Moreover must depend on design of floor tile decorative design, let we often see example room Mellon, fantastic jiao fruit often depends on a few ideas to design innovative, unique and pure and fresh and free from vulgarity temperament ceramic tile to draw the dragon point clear. In this respect let's be sure to mention Overland floor tile. Floor tile style is much by different interior designer the design style of art is not the same series of products, goods imported into mainland China qualified for selling all kinds of design style of spleen majority. Ceramic tile is not only a floor tile, more and more the good atmosphere of arts and crafts. If want to save the point zero wallet, Overland floor tile can also be fully considered. Have the floor tile 'decorative design' core idea. More to the point is to have a floor tile 'decorative design' the core concept. of a wall of a single look very beautiful: simple background color, pattern design is gorgeous. Can be in rows after repeating the shop is stuck on one side wall, often be dazzling, desultorily, visual impact is too strong. So the floor tile choice also want to report a the beginning of 'decorative design'. Customers also can also refer to a pattern of forming legend businesses to imitate, or choice will let vendors jiao fruit industry will be given according to your creative design proposals and requests. Give this information consulting businesses have been growing up. Another consideration is the floor tile fashion trend overall fashionable household can take tone with you, can you bring your own unique personality. As long as it is to solve single blindly follow suit, floor tile of old traditional purchasing management, 'floor tile also fashion' only customer inquiries, spend a little time to preview legend and style more design concept and general interaction of hard work.
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