Floor tile to bubble water?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-24
Ceramic tile, also known as the tile, mainly of refractory metal oxides and metal oxide, after fine grinding, mixing, pressing, glaze, the calcination process, a kind of acid and alkali resistant form on the ceramic and stone etc. 1. Why need to bubble water first before floor tile shop sticks? Mainly in order to prevent the post-processing moisture adsorption of mixed mortar when the shop is stuck, in case the trigger metope empty drum, fall off, and even crack. Especially for metope shop is stuck, in front of the shop is stuck to sprinkle water on metope, make its wetting, and floor tile bubble water is the same principle. Floor tile anyway need some clearance, early bubble water, gaps can be fully adsorption, floor tile density, porosity, also causes the moisture content is low. 2. Floor tile that does not necessarily require early bubble water, just have what aspects to it? Floor tile is closely related to the moisture content of bubble water and brick, moisture content is less than 0. Without the need for early bubble water 5%. And kitchen, toilet with glaze layer of metope tile and tile floor moisture content is generally higher than 10%, and in front of the shop is stuck very it is necessary to take bubble water. 3. How is ability to floor tile bubble water now that say 'bubble water', the first in advance to prepare a big basin, the floor tile paving within the basin, remember all floor tile to seep into the water. Now there are many irresponsible act on the construction team, the floor tile of together with a drain to the above water, so only can be get wet floor tile, but can not let floor tile to drink enough water, post processing after the shop is stuck is likely to suddenly appear all sorts of problems. 4. Floor tile bubble water to soak time how long? Considering the different floor moisture content is different also, so no major standards. Results show that tile floor is to 'full' the water won't take the water of small bubbles. The high moisture content, the bubble will need a little long. Rainy days because wet, cold air is also need corresponding to shorten, hot summer weather air dry, length is corresponding increase. 5. Floor tile bubble water is ignored out porcelain? When floor tile bubble water, paying special attention to the floor tile glaze layer to up, tao face down, so it's not that easy to each other and not so easy to fall. When finished floor tile bubble water scoop down, remember to in cement floor mat a paper box, will put it against the wall, floor tile glaze layer up, if it had not correct methods, pointing to get in, will be very easy to ripped off.
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