Foshan ceramic tile glaze crack is how to return a responsibility?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-04
Foshan ceramic tile glaze cracks, just as its name implies is refers to the tiny cracks occur on the surface of the ceramic tile, and cracks are present mesh or similar lines of curvature of the shape, it is also known as 'cracking' phenomenon, the glaze cracking phenomenon usually occurs in the ceramic tile of pour oil process, the low price of glazed tile is the most prone to glaze cracking phenomenon. So, at the time of ceramic tile of choose and buy must pay special attention to, don't be seduced by price, the price is too cheap glazed tile to be vigilant. What causes glaze crack? Glaze cracks usually occur in the glaze layer, is refers to the bricks with the glaze layer, because the coefficient of expansion of adobe and glaze is not the same, when the ceramic tile is used to metope due to environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, the different expansion coefficient of tile and glazed will produce different shen suo, finally cause the glaze cracking phenomenon. How should we prevent ceramic tile glaze cracking occurs? First, choose good ceramic tile product is the key to avoid the glaze cracking, because good ceramic tile products are through strict physical and chemical testing, such as ceramic tile product body and glaze its expansion coefficient are carried out strict control, and control is to the coefficient of expansion of body and glaze, in affected by environmental factors and the extent of change to a minimum, this is also the main cause of why good glaze ceramic tile is not cheap. Still have even if should pay attention to in the construction aspect, about the shop sticks ceramic tile paste materials choice, to use opportunely good proper cement mortar, avoid to use high strength of cement mortar, high strength cement mortar can cause mechanical tensile splitting to ceramic tile, resulting in crack, at the same time, also want to avoid using low strength of cement mortar, low strength of cement mortar paste ceramic tile can cause instability falls off phenomenon.
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