Foshan ceramic tile to teach you how to distinguish the polished tile and glazed ceramic tile!

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-05
Interlaced like the hills ', the other words is really good, don't decorate time, just don't know to decorate there are so many original doorways, design to understand, the material to know, to follow up, although know so much, but in the end still silly can't distinguish the difference between the polished tile and glazed ceramic tile, today small make up take you to identify distinguish these two kinds of brick ~ if you see on the surface of polished tile and glazed ceramic tile surface are bright atmosphere, fundamental distinction does not open, let's look at what is polishing brick, glazed ceramic tile oh ~ of polishing brick is directly in the firing brick tile polishing and polishing above, because just fired brick surface with a layer of uneven and closed small bubbles, so there are a lot of manufacturers will be up on a layer of wax coating and water. Surface than a single grain and color drab. Glazed ceramic tile and polished tile are similar, just on the basis of polishing tile with printing and glazing, and glaze rich patterns, colour is gorgeous, smooth and bright. Then everyone will ask, antifouling performance what kind of bricks will be better? Polishing brick because its surface has a layer of small bubbles, so it is easy to shelter evil people and practices, even if the manufacturers added a layer of coating on it, but life is not too long, and glazed ceramic tile surface after printing and glazing, so there is no small pores, so on the soil resistance, glazed ceramic tile is slightly better. But the polishing brick because of its is directly on adobe burnish, so very strong wear-resisting, and glazed ceramic tile surface has a layer of glaze, the glaze layer is thin and light, so on abrasion resistance, it's better polishing brick oh ~
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