Four specification ceramic tile ceramic tile all show the wind

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-21
We focus on ceramic tile most at ordinary times is the price of ceramic tile floor tile, texture, color and quality, but could you ignore the size specification is complete, the ceramic tile floor tile today, ceramic tile floor tile manufacturer small make up take you to appreciate the following: one, the ceramic tile floor tile 400 x 800 mm specifications of lovely sweetheart ceramic tile: recent small specification wall brick are prominent in the space that defend bath, and the small clean aesthetic to the space that defend bath. Wall tile performance expectations and small specifications, a variety of shapes, a variety of angles, another kinds of color, from the appearance to the crevice strives to be perfect, before you know it has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Ceramic tile floor tile 400 x 800 mm, the connotation of small stature have unusual, applicable to various corners, to hutch defends a space, do not need to cut can collage optional collocation, no matter how good-looking. - > ceramic tile a80859 (2 400×800毫米) Ceramics and ceramic tile a80846 (2 400×800毫米) Ceramic tile, ceramic tile floor tile 800 x 800 mm specifications of the 'national goddess' ceramic tile: 800 x 800 mm ceramic tile ceramic tile floor tile has been used frequently, basic by all manufacturers continue to use this size product, in many other aspects of technical parameters of control is the most mature and stable size. Its status cannot be reversed. 800 the size of the square are suitable for all kinds of model and space, reasonable size, easy to shop is stuck, has been widely from family to family. →TPG80165 ( 800×800毫米) Glazed ceramic tile ceramic tile - TPG80166 ( 800×800毫米) Three glazed ceramic tile ceramic tile, ceramic tile floor tile 600 x 1200 mm long legs 'tall' ceramic tile: under construction TaoXingYe 600 * 1200 mm ceramic tile has become more and more popular, and compared with the traditional 600 x 600 mm specifications, etc. , now the young generation prefer choosing the slender 600 x 1200 mm brick, 600 x 1200 mm in both the space outspread visual sense, or on design originality, slightly better than the traditional square specification, space outspread feeling better. 600 x 1200 mm appeared, many consumers welcome, ceramic industry for more than a PICK ( Choose) Sort, some people think that home is a small family, large size ceramic tile shop up to no good, actually slender it more malleable, can bring strong sense of space outspread, make little space looks newer, more refined, more beautiful. →TPGM26023 ( 600×1200毫米) Glazed ceramic tile - TPGM26022 ( 600×1200毫米) Four: glazed ceramic tile ceramic tile floor tile of 750 x 1500 mm specification 'and A sayin' ceramic tile: along with the social progress, people's aesthetic view to ceramic tile floor tile change. In recent years, large size ceramic tile floor tile is more and more be favorred, big board have a refresh. And ceramic also introduced a large size of 750 x 1500 mm ( Health net world brick) 。 Large size shop is stuck, give a person a kind of outspread enlarge from the vision feeling, make the space more open, large, large size ceramic tile is especially suitable for large area to add the feeling of luxury atmosphere, can also according to the design needs to cut, thus developed more possibilities. →TPGMW157029( 750×1500毫米) Health net world tile - TPGMW157027 ( 750×1500毫米) Health net world brick saw more of the four ceramic tile size 'little sister' which one would you want to pick? Hurry up to floor tile, ceramic tile to choose your favorite one! ! Look at the article recommended: ceramic tile the moist ceramic tile
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