Furniture feng shui actually not equal to superstition

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-19
Decorate, buy a house, can someone with you mentioned the word, feng shui is unpublished small make up is not a superstitious person, but to decorate household geomantic the, really need separate split. The mouth so-called feng shui, our ancestors in the final analysis is actually a summary of the grandparents down space for a place to live in the life and habits. Porch, open the door of kitchen toilet, etc, for example, the fengshui has scientific basis and use the prerequisites. Such as: all kinds of evil spirit ( Sickle evil spirit, scissors, evil spirit) This before they will encounter a lot of people in to buy a house, what about evil spirit, the bow is cannot buy a house, says these miracle, in fact, a word is, the edge of elevated cannot buy a house, why not buy, because it's very noisy ah, insomnia, neurasthenia, it's not easy to fall asleep, interference is very big, more than for a long time, people are likely to get sick; 1 / partition is our common a porch porch decorate pattern, of course, also there will be very have its thing to say with you, it can eliminate the ShaQi straight at the door, no porch, can leak wealth, and so on, porch is actually a hallway, plays the role of the small make up think there are three: 1, the barrier for heat preservation, the general family are all in the sitting room to open the balcony, it is easy to form a cross ventilation, also have called draught, a few times a day, are likely to get sick, isn't that leak wealth; 2, visual privacy, now send a Courier, a lot of takeout, is also more than the chance of contact with strangers, no porch, things will take in everything in a glance, the room for privacy, security, are not so good; 3, practicability, it is needless to say, do a put shoes, shoe ark key to hang and so on, is very convenient; 2 cannot have beam above the bed is very common, generally called beam coping or beam press, if the room has a beam, designers tend to let your ceiling hanging in, or do some false beam echo down, actually this is only a heart, there will be visual and emotional distress; 3 to open the door see kitchen &bath introduction to three see feng shui, respectively is: one cannot open the door to see kitchen, two do not open the door to see toilet, three do not open the door to see lie; Said, from the Angle of environmental psychology has some influence, for experience as well as the guest experience in his heart, but not the fool of feng shui, the evil spirit that evil spirit, just think, open the door if bring a stranger, is opposite the toilet you didn't shut down, the other half of the more embarrassing; 4 is the head of a bed can't have a mirror in ancient times, the mirror is often hung on the buildings, mainly used in the light of what straight at the fierce evil spirit, take the reflex of out, lest damage by the demon g; In fact, people just woke up, consciousness is very fuzzy, is sensitive to the brain. If suddenly saw in the mirror, such as televisions, yourself or someone else's shadow, easily frightened. Go down for a long time, damage to human body health is very big, people suffering from mental decline, portrait, the influence of the picture is similar. 5 door bed that generally there are two doors, a toilet door to door to a room, first said toilet door, tend to explain to the toilet Yin qi is heavy, heavy moisture and smell is toilet, easily affected. Followed by the bedroom door to bed, for different parts of the body, will cause the corresponding parts of the functional lesion. The door and the window is the import and export of indoor air convection, are in a state of sleep, the wind will blow directly to the body, is the part of the cold can cause pathological changes. For considering indoor air convection, the door trim below general will have fine seam, so even the door shut, as long as the open air conditioning or a window to open a small seam, can make the outdoor air in and out. 6 the kitchen door cannot is opposite on the toilet door fengshui call this never co-existed, in fact, you think about it, a food and a pull, picture too beautiful, not expounded; 7 door of elevator, stair geomantic on call this rush, would have been home to get together gas, relating, now with straight to the elevators, stairs, curtilage inside qi are all the absorption, is the big fear; In fact, you think about it, if your house door is opposite the elevator, if a ladder four families, people are busy every day, to speak in your door, noisy, throw cigarette butts, their privacy and security are not guaranteed; Conclusion actually, fengshui rumours abound that some of the pattern, can use scientific methods are explained, so everyone not superstitious, also cannot ignore these details.
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