Gesso line of ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-22
Gesso line utilization rate is very high in domestic outfit. Our common gesso line installation parts are basically like a border of our roof and metope, namely vertex Angle; There are some the setting wall of gesso line. These parts of the gesso line is with metope grassroots basically to paste directly. Now have a friend to ask such a question: what material is used for gesso line can paste on tiles? Gesso line the simple introduction of gesso line, everyone heard this name, actually can also think of its components. Gesso line is with gypsum as main raw material made of a kind of decorative lines, the main ingredient in gesso line is gypsum, and then matched with corresponding glass fiber as aggregate, and finally through the mould made of gypsum products. Production technology of gesso line with us actually common some gypsum products in products are the same. The main composition is gypsum gesso line. Gypsum is our common stone after high temperature finally made of lime, after curing is our most common plaster. Gypsum in the building is the utilization rate is very high, the earliest previous basically used plaster as a leveling render, only now gypsum gradually replaced by putty. Gesso line itself characteristic and determines its strength is not very high. You can take a gesso line on the ground, with the foot gently can crush. Another point is gypsum this kind of material with glue and other objects, basically is to use the quick glue powder, is to add some adhesive plaster to stick. There are some use putty to bonding, but they have gypsum main ingredients are inside. Common gesso line installation method. The first kind of circumstance is gesso line installed on our wall. This kind of gesso line size in general is not very big, is installed on the wall directly, adhesive materials used in installation, is our common quick glue powder. Fast it is glued powder on the back of the gesso line can be pasted on the wall directly, paste at the grass-roots level basically all is a group of scraping putty. The second is for some of the larger size of gesso line installation. Because this kind of gesso line itself is very heavy, the weight of the quick glue powder stick relay is limited, so later adopted the method that use nail for installation to install. Also is the first in the back line of gesso line with a layer of glue powder, and then put the gesso line installation on the wall, and finally use nail gun for finally fixed. After the complete fixed on the surface of blow be bored with child in gesso line for the surface decoration. Gesso line installed on ceramic tile adhesive material analysis of the first point we want to know the surface of ceramic tile is very smooth, and relatively high density. Can say and ceramic tile surface is almost no pore, at this moment if use the traditional fast glue powder for bonding gesso line, individuals can be very responsible to tell you, stick-on gesso line sooner or later will fall off. The second point we need to know a problem, that is structure adhesive is not strong. Is if we adopt the corresponding structural adhesive to glue paste structure, is, indeed, can be effective and the surface of ceramic tile adhesive. But the structural adhesive is a chemical substance, it will appear the corresponding after solidification contraction, produce a relay. Gesso line on the surface of the strength is very low, will appear between structural adhesive and gesso line at this time of separation, that is to say, end up is the result of the structural adhesive hanging firmly on ceramic tile, and the gesso line is off. Finally personal point of view is not recommended for everyone on the ceramic tile adhesive gesso line. Because we can't take effective measures to fixed gesso line. If you want to fixed gesso line, personally think that must be on a stone tile reserve corresponding widget to install gesso line, otherwise really no way to guarantee our gesso line installed firmly. Tiles can choose which adorns line? The first kind of ceramic tile is installed on the adornment of the line, personal suggest that we choose stainless steel class class lines. Class of stainless steel decorative line specification very much, and now the color of the stainless steel of line is also very rich, the style is also various. Personally think that the effect is more good than gesso line of stainless steel decorative line, and stainless steel line directly to use structural adhesive for installation, it is very strong. The second kind of ceramic tile is installed on the loading line can choose some of plastic moulding. Plastic moulding is also very diversified, and there are all sorts of design, decorative pattern is also very much, and the installation of PVC decorative line also is very simple, direct use of the corresponding structural adhesive for bonding, very strong, there is no problem. Conclusion about what material on ceramic tile adhesive gesso line, individuals through the analysis of the characteristics I gesso line itself, of opinion is personal advice is given on the ceramic tile paste gesso line. Because almost all of the paste material is not very reliable, the personal point of view is given on the ceramic tile try to choose classes of stainless steel or plastic moulding. I hope my answer to have everyone help! If you have different opinion or the suggestion, also welcome you all to share, to study for our mutual communication, thank you!
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