'Glazed ceramic tile, polished tile' hard just pick hardcore ceramic tile

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-18
Ceramic tile has become people to decorate in the family, the first choice of metope and ground decorates material. Although there are all kinds of different ceramic tile category, but the main and common can be divided into polished tile and glazed ceramic tile. But a lot of owner when the choose and buy, do not understand the merits and demerits of the two kinds of ceramic tile, as well as the application of the difference between decorate. Decoration is a family event, ceramic tile is the hard part, more should not be ignored, should understand relevant information before buying it. So, polished tile and glazed ceramic tile, should how to choose? First of all, we have to distinguish polished tile and glazed ceramic tile. Some owners said, polishing brick can now do is bright and clean bright, looks and glazed ceramic tiles and there is not much difference, how to distinguish? Might as well from the polished tile and glazed ceramic tile on the production process of understanding the differences between them. Polishing brick was conducted on the basis of the brick processing upgrade, through polishing grinding originally small bubbles on the surface of the brick, so as to effectively improve the gloss, but also makes the originally closed small bubbles. Glazed ceramic tile was optimized on the basis of polishing brick, increased printing and glaze layer; Into the bottom of glaze and glaze, glaze layer is printed on bottom glaze, and polishing are processed on the surface of glaze. Therefore, from the point of view of adornment effect, glazed ceramic tiles have more advantages. Because the design and color of polishing brick texture is directly dependent on bricky system, design and color is more monotonous. And glazed ceramic tile is on the bottom glaze increased the printing process, design and color more rich. And glazed ceramic tile polishing is not on the body, but on the glaze surface, so the glossiness is higher. From a practical point of view, higher stiffness of polishing brick, and glazed ceramic tile antifouling performance better. Polishing brick is one of the most rigid body brick, excels in wear resistance and bearing capacity. Glazed ceramic tile surface, by contrast, because of the increased the glaze layer, glaze layer is thin and fragile, easily scratched, poor wear resistance. Some owners also doubt, why don't you upset glazed ceramic tile glaze layer thickness, thereby increasing its wear-resisting performance? But, after polishing brick surface polishing, small bubbles open, easy to hide the unclean permeability; And glazed ceramic tile under the glaze layer of protection, with the advantages of antifouling stain resistant, easy to clean. In a nutshell, polished tile and glazed ceramic brick each have advantages and disadvantages of each. When buying, must first understand the characteristics of the different function space at home. Usually choose high stiffness and good bearing quality, stain resistant easy to clean ceramic tile as floor tile, choose the ceramic tile of strong adornment effect, not too thick as a brick wall. It is important to note that choosing ceramic tile at any time to plan ahead of time, do not blindly pursue adornment effect, rather than practical.
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