Glazed pottery and ceramic tile which good

by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-10
No matter adopt what kind of home decoration style ceramic tile is basically an outfit this work must be used. But the ceramic tile on the market very much, a lot of people at that time the edition I don't know glazed pottery and ceramic tile which is better. In order to let you make the right choice, small make up will be detailed for you to introduce this two kinds of ceramic tile, glazed tile and all ceramic tile which good? All the characteristics of ceramic tile, decorative, it's one of the most obvious advantage is adornment sex is good, its color is very bright, looks very beautiful, and the color difference is not obvious, adornment effect is better, like sitting room door, comparison pay attention to decorative sense of place, can give priority to select it. Second, environmental protection, harmless its wear resistance is also very good, it does not contain nitrogen, all sorts of properties are relatively stable, conforms to the requirements of environmental protection, it is a good natural material substitute. This is a kind of after high temperature firing of ceramic tile, there is no harm to human body, and some natural ingredients are radioactive elements. Strength is lower, also more cumbersome, transport and bedding are more difficult. Three, poor skid resistance and advantages compared with before, its shortcoming is also very obvious, the color and pattern is unitary, if a large area of bedding, looks is more rigid, and it is skid resistance is poor. Glazed tile features a rich, design of its specifications, color design is also more abundant, so the choice of space is very big, clean up more convenient, it is the right of advantages, so the place such as kitchen, toilet is fit for installation. The hardness, toughness, good anti-slip it is good, you can make it all sorts of modelling, and leakproof function well, won't appear rupture, surface strength is larger, floor and walls can be installed. It is not only not afraid dirty, non-slip performance is good also, it is its obvious advantages. Three, poor abrasion resistance of its most significant disadvantage is the process of abrasion resistance is not enough to make also prone to crack or spots, it will affect beautiful sex. Glazed pottery and ceramic tile which may full of their respective distinctive features have understanding, I believe you will be according to their own needs to make a choice. Since they are on the market that they are needed, not a single comparison which one is better, just want to see which one is more suitable for oneself, and to spread them to a suitable place. If you need a higher hardness, choose the ceramic tile, but it's not bibulous, if you want to choose India good and antiskid choose glazed tile. Glazed tile and all ceramic tile which good is introduced here, they each have advantages and disadvantages, and in the whole process of domestic outfit, can put them in different space, such collocation use effect is the best, if you still want to know more about ceramic tile can focus on the brunei.
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